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Baby Oil - Unusual Uses

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Baby oil is all grown up and ready to tackle plenty of jobs around the house. Meet your new multitasker.

baby oil uses Jb Reed, Bloomberg via Getty Images

Baby oil isn't just for babies. Yep, this household helper has uses that go beyond the nursery (and no, we're not encouraging you to use it when you sun bathe!). In fact, I use baby oil all over the house, from the laundry room to the bathroom. Here are some of my tricks.

Gooey Gummy Mess
Whether you've stepped in gum, dropped it, or your kids have made a major mess with it, grab some baby oil. All you have to do is saturate the gum with baby oil. Leave it on the surface for a minute or so and then wipe it away with a paper towel or comb it out. If you need to remove the oil, wipe with white vinegar to break up the oil!

Photo: Getty Images

Sticky Shredder Solver
If your paper shredder is sticking and isn't doing the job any more, don't but a new one, try this. Lay a couple of pieces of paper on a baking sheet and squirt it with a little baby oil. Let the oil soak into the paper and then shred. The oil will lubricate the shredder while it's shredding.

Bargain Baby Wipes
Cut a paper towel roll in half so you end up with two halves that look like toilet paper rolls. Put them in an airtight container, a coffee can or formula can is a great fit. Mix one and a half cups of water, and a tablespoon each of baby shampoo and baby oil. Pour it over the towels and let them soak. When they're good and wet, pull out the center core and pull your homemade wipes easily one by one out of the center.

Scummy Soap Build-Up Remover
You can keep nasty soap scum from building up on shower curtains and shower doors by coating them with a little baby oil. Be careful not to let any drip onto the floor, it's slippery! Now if you've already got soap scum, use some baby oil to break through that hardened scum. Just put some on a wash cloth and scrub the that scum away.

Dusting Helper
Apply a small amount of baby oil to a lint free dust cloth. , Working in a circular motion, apply oil to wood furniture. Once the oil has been worked into the wood, go over it again with a clean micro fiber cloth working with the grain of the wood for a beautiful, flawless finish.

zipper, baby oil usesPhoto: Getty Images

Zipper Helper
Stubborn zippers are no match for baby oil; use a cotton swab to lightly coat both sides of the zipper. Then work the zipper back and forth several times; it'll work like new!

Dish and Glass Unsticker
If you have a dish or glass stuck to a wood tabletop, don't try to pull it off or you'll damage the finish. Instead, squirt some baby oil around the base of the dish and let it sit for a few minutes. A gentle twist and the dish should pull off easily without damaging the tabletop.

Paint Problem Solver
If you get paint on your skin, rub a little baby oil into it with a washcloth to easily remove those splatters from your skin.

Bandage Saver
To remove a plastic bandage without pain and without leaving behind a sticky mess, use a cotton ball to cover the bandage with baby oil. Leave it for a minute and then easily remove the bandage. This tip is great especially if you have little ones who tend to scream when you pull that bandage off.

Bug Deterrent
Rub some baby oil on exposed skin before you go outside to keep bugs at bay.

So, have I convinced you – grab a bunch of baby oil. It is a perfect, inexpensive solution for so many household problems – give it a try for yourself!!

  • Marcia Albaum

    It removes eye make and helps you tan (but you have to be careful not to burn).

  • Kate

    I use baby oil to help dry my nail polish quickly. It works and any extra I usually just massage into
    my cuticles.

  • Pat

    Great for working out hair knots. Instead of cutting them out just rub baby oil into the knot then, starting at base of knot use a wide tooth comb to untangle.

  • AMice

    Why pay for J&J's animal-killing, chemical-loaded products such as "baby oil"? Why not just purchase the main ingredient, mineral oil, which is pure and designed to be taken internally when constipated (lubricant laxative)? Going one better, why not just purchase extra virgin olive oil? Both of these natural oils can be used internally and externally, don't involve killing innocent animals, and I've been using them for decades as moisterizers and for cooking. I also don't pay the high prices, nor consume the additional chemicals that J&J just love injecting into their products. Go "Natural" people! Don't harm the environment, don't murder animals, and don't harm Yourselves by buying into "big business" brainwashing and propaganda. A 16 oz. bottle of mineral oil costs $1.05 at the drug store, while J&J's Baby Oil is $4 for 14 oz!

  • Richard

    It is mineral oil and fragrance!

    Just get the mineral oil (I can't stand the smell, it messes with my allergies).

  • Vera

    I have used baby oil for years in the shower to keep my skin from getting dry, especially in the winter. Also use it instead of soap for shaving my legs. I always buy the giant economy size at the dollar store. I also use (hair) conditioner for the same purpose. They both work great.

  • jjp009

    I use baby oil for one reason and one reason only...jerkin' the gerkin!

  • Leslie Ross

    Baby Oil also removes Pine sap from hands and vehicles...not harsh, no scrubbing needed, and won't mar surfaces. Useful to know when handling X-mas trees or if you live surrounded by pines (as I do).

  • Morag

    Squeaky door hinge? Baby oil!

  • groucho

    It is bad enough that we test many substances on animals, especially when there is no guarantee that the results on an animal would even be the same on a human. Why not test on human volunteers? Because you'd have to pay them, and if you mistreated them they'd probably sue you, or at least generate some awful publicity. At any rate, there is absolutely NO excuse for further mistreating animal subjects, and if I were young and strong enough, I would enjoy personally punching in the face any lab assistant that manhandled a captive test animal. I cannot believe there is NO acceptable alternative to animal testing, especially when thalidomide tested fine on animals and I've heard that penicillin actually killed some feline test subjects. Something's wrong there somewhere.

  • BP

    Now that Obongo has turned the armed forces queer, thet're going to need a lot of bung hole lube.

  • Kat

    i always use baby oil as makeup remover, it honestly works better than a lot of high end stuff and u can get huge bottles for a couple of dollars

  • Heather

    Baby oil is 2 things, mineral oil and fragrance. Quite frankly I prefer to just buy the mineral oil. It's cheaper dare I say more natural? My little one has skin allergies and when I put the traditional baby oil on her she turned tomato red and started crying. IT WAS AWFUL. I say go simple.

  • Greg

    Use Baby Oil to coat your razors before shaving with them, you will be amazed at how much smoother the shave and longer the blade life is. Cartridge refills are terribly expensive this little trick doubles the life of your razors

  • SmittyUSN

    This is the Original Beach Coooter Lube .. I can smell it now ....

  • Sally-Ann

    Baby Oil is also great for getting chewing gum out of hair. No need to cut it off! Squeeze the gummed up part of hair with a cotton ball soaked in baby oil and pull it down the strands and out.

    Icky, sticky, tar on your feet from the beach? Baby oil will take it off!

  • Shirley

    Avon Skin-So-Soft bath oil can be used for all of the things mentioned in these comments, plus many, many more things. Veterinarians even recommend mixing with water in a spray bottle and spraying horses to keep horse flies away. Also good for small dogs with itchy skin.

  • tom

    yes its sad to abuse helpless animals but it is worse to kill little innocent humans (ABORTIONS)!!! any comments ? thought not.

  • UWSdiyer

    Baby oil is just mineral oil with fragrance. I buy just mineral oil, it's cheaper and that scent isn't on everything. With mineral oil I also refresh my wooden cutting boards, keep my shaving razor in it to make it last longer, and have a bunch of other areas around I use it on.

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