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Install a Chair Rail

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If you have a plain wall, why not add architectural detail with a chair rail?

  • ray66v

    Once again Eric show he really does not know the "right" way to do anything, or is unwilling to do it that way. 45 degree inside corners are never going to give you any kind of a tight joint. Whenever it is at all possible, (some profiles do not allow it), inside corners should always be coped, (wikipedia it). It's also very important to allow wood products time to acclimate to the temperature, and humidity in your home, before installing it. Otherwise, your joints will really get ugly when it does.

  • JackAssin

    he should've showed how to find the studs on a drywall wall

  • b young

    This comments are about Eric's chair rail instalation. First, he didn't mark where the wall studs were so he could nail into them. I use a small pieces of blue painters masking tape to save marks on the wall.Just shooting a nail or stsple into the wallboard will NOT hold the rail.Second, the mitred end of his first piece needs to go over a stud or it will always open with the expansion or contraction of the wall. Third, he never finished the reveal. The finishing pieces are hard to cut but not impossible and should be fastened with wood glue as they are usually too small to nail.

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