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Fix a Broken Tile

Filed Under: Experts, Eric Stromer

If you have tile in your home, chances are good that sooner later there will be a broken tile that needs to be replaced. The good news is that replacing the tile is a fairly simple task that you can do yourself.

  • Nick

    Most of what was done and said on this video was good. However - when removing the broken tile. The host used his bare hands. This is a serious "NO-NO'. Ceramic tile is just like glass, and can leave shards in your hands. Use gloves.
    The other problem is that he used "Mastic" for seting the new tile. Being a Tile contractor we know that you only use "Thinset" when installing ceramic tile on a floor.

  • rick

    What about replacing SALTILLO Tile (Mexican-clay) tile with Cement like Grout??? Same Proceedure or No?? Thanks & Happy Holidays.. Rick & Michele

  • ray66v

    lol, After seeing a number of his videos, Eric is guy who knows how to do everything, just not how to do anything properly. You might as well have Scary Gary Sullivan tell you how to do this too. CAUTION: 98% of the time, this job will not go that easy. Looked like cheap ceramic tiles, which are, but should not be used on floors. With poor quality, or not fully cured thinset, over a concrete floor. If you have porcelain tile, properly used, and hardened thinset, over a wood floor, and you start banging on it with a hammer like that, good luck! As mentioned earlier, he used the wrong adhesive for floor tile. I will add that the grout was too thin, and if he knew what he was doing, why did he mix enough grout to do about 20 tiles?

  • Richard

    hi eric,

    thank you for putting together this instructive and helpful video.
    .i have several broken floor tiles and have been perplexed how
    to repair them until you showed us step by step.

    happy holidays and best regards.


  • Bill

    Can this same process be done with marble squares that have been stained or is there a product that will remove stains from marble? Any help would be appreciated...

  • Anthony Dolce

    This video came at the perfect time as I just bought a new home with a couple of chipped tiles. Another excellent resource I found for flooring help is

  • pmbalele

    Those morons, the repair people, charged me $260 to replace just 5 tiles. They said the charges were associated with labor union agreement. They spent almost 3 hours messing around with my floor. Was that fair charge?

  • Steve the door man

    Unfortunately, to put it as gently as I can, You got hosed! That "Union Labor" line is one of the oldest lines in the book. They should have been honest and said " Hey, we're ripping you off" The average cost for replacing 5 tiles, depending on the material of the tiles (Marble, Ceramic, ect) , which will affect the cost of the repair, is generally anywhere between 5 -10 dollars per tile, which is a fair price. My advise to you is that the next time you need to have work done on your home, shop around, ask friends that have had work done by other contractors, compare prices, and don't always look at the cheapest prices either. Consider all estimates, the reputation of the Contractor, and any complaints filed with the Better Businee Bureau. Better yet, there are plenty of do it yourself tutorials available on-line, save yourself some money, and get that self-satisfaction of doing the job yourself, and doing it right!

  • rick

    What about repairing or replacing SALTILLO (Mexican-clay) Tiles ?? The Grout is almost "Cement-like)... Same Proceedure or NO??? Thanks & Happy Holidays !! Rick & Michele

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