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We all know that paint is a great way to enliven a room with color, and wallpaper the perfect solution for adding pattern. But, what if you want a sculptural, three-dimensional wall treatment that is easier to hang than wallpaper and less costly than a gallon of premium paint?

diy-product-pick-paperforms-wallpaper-tilesRipple-patterned PaperForms in Natural. Photo: MIO Culture.

That's what the inventive team at MIO Culture, a Philadelphia-based "green" company, had in mind when they created Paper Forms. Made entirely from recycled pre- and post-consumer paper waste, the lightweight modular wallpaper tiles make it easy, affordable, and fun way to transform any wall into a work of art.

What are PaperForms?
They're modular tiles made with a molded, raised pattern that allow you to create sculptural wall treatments. Choose from one of four designs -- Ripple, V2, Flow and Acoustic Tile -- then rotate the tiles to create your own original design. They can be left natural or painted with water-based paint and translucent washes (provided you apply a light coat), decorated with colored tape or felt tip markers, and even glitzed up with silver or gold leaf applications. Best of all, since tiles are made from recycled paper, they are lightweight enough to hang with double-sided tape; a bonus for renters or apartment dwellers looking for a quick and easy temporary transformation.

diy-product-pick-paperforms-wallpaper-tilesFlow-patterened PaperForms painted white; MIO Culture

Where To Use
Paper Forms are perfect for single wall applications, particularly hallways, entry foyers and room partitions. Consider using them to add a distinctive design detail to the soffit above kitchen cabinets, the base of a kitchen island, or the wall above a fireplace mantel. Or, take a more artistic approach and use them to fashion a work of art above a sofa or bed. You can even create a dramatic grid pattern by leaving equal horizontal and vertical space between tiles. At $32-$34 for a pack of 12 one-foot square tiles, the cost is well worth the fun of experimenting.

How To Install
All you will need to install PaperForms is a level and either double-stick tape for temporary installations or traditional wallpaper paste. The manufacturer recommends laying out the pattern on the floor before you start hanging wall tiles. This will give you the flexibility to arrange tiles in the pattern that works best for your application. They also suggest painting each square with a light coat of paint prior to hanging (saturating the tiles with a heavy coat of paint could cause them to warp or curl). You can apply a second coat after installation. If you are covering an entire wall, start at the ceiling or floor (letting the walls edge be your guide), otherwise use a level to make certain that the first tile is straight and square. The rest is simply a matter of butting sides together and aligning corners. Sound too good to be true, check out the installation video here.

How To Clean
According to the manufacturer PaperForms should be dusted regularly or cleaned lightly with a damp cloth. Light marks may even be removed with a soft eraser. A coat of paint will increase the durability of the tiles.

  • Scotty

    Can you imagine the dust and dirt that will collect on the 3D edges?

  • Georgia

    That is EXACTLY what I pretty as it looks...IMAGINE dusting it!

  • Mike

    That look makes me want to puke just looking at it! Most of the supposed chic home fashions being peddled by these so called interior design experts are hideous and absolutely tasteless with color cues worse than anything ever used in the 1970's. What these so called experts call beautiful looks more like they dropped a bunch of mis-matchhed colors and patterns into a bucket and then had Helen Keller randomly pull tehm out and labeled it as art. These pepople have absolutely no artistic taste at all!

  • naofick54

    And God forbid you put it in a bathroom with all that steam.

  • dkbokc

    I agree, too much dust collection. I also wonder how it would affect the sale price of a home. Seems to me like seller could take a pretty good size hit on the sale price. Some one wasn't thinking very well on this one, even thought it is a unique cool look!

  • Summery Warm

    What a disaster. The spaces between the tiles are not uniform. And in the pic of the girl placing a tile, the tile to the right of the one she's placing isn't aligned properly.... What a mess. I'm going to pretend I never saw this article and these tiles.

  • lily

    oh, my gosh....i think the tiles are a terrific idea! I am quite sure that the sample wall was just that...a sample. No need to be perfect if one is only doing a demo to give folks an idea of the installation process. A tile like this would cover a multitude of sins. Cracked walls, hideous wallpaper that is a bitch to remove, horrid paint colors, etc. As the article mentioned, they can be put up easily with a non-permanant application. Cleaning it? Feather duster. After all, one would only be doing an accent wall or a small space, not an entire room. (Someone mentioned not using it in a bathroom because of the steam, and I agree because it is a composit from recycled paper, but please know that there is a paste made specifically for bathroom applications that does not steam off). I have used a wallpaper from a company called Paper Illusions, and get compliments all the time on the drama and elegance of the paper. It is a rip and tear paper and so very easy to apply....actually fun! No measuring, no cutting. I used it to cover cracked walls in a very old house and it worked perfectly. I think both types of paper are genius.

  • tom kelly

    Hahahaha...great a point. I agree with all the comments about dust.
    I guess the designer has someone to clean.
    In my opinion, walls are for great art (whatever your taste and budget)...not goofy wall treatments (however cool they seem in the moment).
    Remember the psychedelic wallpaper of the hippie days?

    Think about it!

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