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What's more important than time during the holidays? Extra space! And when you want entertain family and friends over, it's the one thing you need most. With these tips for moving heavy furniture, you can have extra room in no time.

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The best way to move a heavy couch is to use sliders, little plastic coasters that slide under the feet. Furniture sliders are disks with a low friction bottom, often felt. Found at your local hard ward store and available in a variety of sizes, furniture sliders are useful for moving furniture across any type of flooring. Magic Sliders makes sliders in many different sizes and for all kinds of heavy furniture.

Here's how to use them:

1. Carefully lift each foot of the sofa and place a slider underneath each leg with the smooth side facing the the floor.
2. Gently slide the couch out of the way.
3. Slide it back when you're finished and remove the sliders. These disks can be reused until the low friction side wears out.

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Beautiful music, but oh-so-heavy! Usually it looks best in the middle of the space, but for accompanying carols, it's good to push the piano to the side of the room. Just be sure to leave enough room for guest to gather around. And like the couch, use sliders.

Antique Desk

High quality, real wood furniture is heavy and difficult to move. First, remove any drawers and clear it out completely. It's easier to deal with the shell, and replace the accessories later. If the desk has feet, furniture gliders work well. If the base is solid, and you don't have a four man team of muscle waiting around, you'll need to improvise.

1. Line all four corners with strips of felt.
2. Grab somewhere solid on the desk that is relatively low to the ground (to avoid tipping), and have a partner do the same to the other corner, pull the desk.
3. If you are working on your own, alternate corners, shimmying the desk. Lifting straps can also work in these situations.

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Bookshelf, Tall Dresser or China Cabinet
Take all the books off the shelves, and remove the shelves if possible. Empty the dresser drawers and take the drawers out. Empty the china cabinet, and remove any adjustable shelving. The lighter the load, the easier the job. There is an added risk of furniture damage and injury when working with tall items. A hand trolley works best for these jobs when the item in question has a flat bottom; here's how to use it safely:
  1. Position the trolley against the wall if space provides.
  2. Slide the trolley under the item, and tilt it toward yourself.
  3. Using the trolley, move the piece away from the area you want.
  4. Leave the trolley in place so you can use it easily to put the furniture back in place

New Year's Cleaning
Party time is over, and you'd like to start the new year with a super-clean house. Use these tips to move heavy appliances so you can clean underneath (and behind) them.

Shimmy the fridge, moving it forward by carefully rotating it side-to-side. If you can recruit some help, it's good to have somebody working the other side. Do this slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the floor. You can spread some dish-soap on the floor to help it glide more easily, but be careful not to slip -- and remember to wipe it up after you're finished.

Washer and Dryer

Another great place for lost treasures! Don't throw out those odd socks just yet because your spring clean might uncover them behind the washer or dryer. The dryer is actually pretty light, so you can just empty it, unplug it and pull it out. Moving the washer is a bit more complicated, but not impossible. Here's how to move it:

1. Empty the washer completely.
2. Disconnect the drain hose.
3. Inch the washer away from the wall using small movements, as it's possible there is still water in the washer that larger movements could push out the drain pipe. Check to make sure the feet aren't damaging the floor as you go. 4. If the floor is vulnerable, use furniture sliders (see couch tips above). 5. Clean the floor, walls, baseboards and back of the appliances because it will be a year until you get to it again. 6. Replace the washer and reconnect it.
Any time you move heavy pieces, whether it's into a moving truck or just across the room, safety is a huge consideration. The best party or spotless laundry room isn't worth an injury. Proper lifting techniques, planning the move, and asking for help if you need it will ensure a successful move.

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