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Unusual Uses for Tape

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Tape is always on my mind during the holidays! Do I have enough? Where is it?

But long after the last package is wrapped, I'm still thinking about tape. It's so handy all year round that I keep rolls and rolls in my house. From duct tape to masking tape -- you can use it all -- here are my favorite uses for tape all over the house!

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Around the House:
• If you're hanging a picture on a plaster wall put a small "X" of cellophane tape over the spot you need to drive the nail this will prevent your paint from cracking

• When fixing a broken mug handle, use masking tape to gently secure the repair. Let the glue dry and the mug will be as good as new!

• To clean cobwebs off of the ceiling all you need is some duct tape and some PVC pipe! Attach a length of PVC piping to the end of the vacuum hose and seal the seam with some duct tape. Now raise the new nozzle to the ceiling and turn on the vacuum cleaner. This will easily whisk away cobwebs and dust.

• Tightly woven carpets look great in any home and they're really durable. But what happens if you get a snag in one of the loops? It's very easy to fix. Use a pair of scissors to snip the snag off of the carpet as close to the base as you can. Line each side of the run with some masking tape as close to the edge as you can to protect the surrounding carpet. Run a bead of carpet adhesive into the hole. Use an awl to carefully guide each of the loops back into place. You'll know where the loops begin and ends because there will be a little patch of the old adhesive along the length of the piece you're working with where each loop was originally connected. When the entire length of the snag is back in place, remove the masking tape from both sides and keep traffic off the area until the adhesive dries.

• Pesky silverfish? Make a trap by running double-sided tape up the side of a glass and putting it upright where you spot the bugs. They'll climb up the tape and once they're in the glass they won't be able to climb out.

• If you're getting ready for move, masking tape is a handy tool. When you take pictures off of your wall. Take the hook off of the wall and tape it to the back of the frame. This way when you get to your new home you won't have to go searching for hardware. If you're getting ready for move, masking tape is a handy tool. When you take pictures off of your wall. Take the hook off of the wall and tape it to the back of the frame. This way when you get to your new home you won't have to go searching for hardware.

• Need to sew a tiny button onto a shirt. Tape the button to the fabric, it will hold it in place while you get the sewing started, then you can simply rip it away.

In the Workshop:
• When you use a saw, you can end up splintering your wood. To prevent this, run a length of masking tape along your cut line, and this will keep the splintering in check.

• Before you start a project with a sanding block, put a strip of wide tape on the back of your sandpaper. This will give you a cutting guide because it is just the right width and it will keep your paper from ripping on the block so it will last.

• If you use a shop broom for cleaning large areas you know it is nearly impossible to get the mess into a dustpan. Well tape some newspapers to the floor, sweep the dirt onto the papers and then crumple the entire mess into the garbage.

• If you need to do some serious nailing use some electrical tape to mark off your hammer handle at three, six, nine and twelve inch increments. This way you can hold the hammer handle against the wall and easily eyeball the next location of your nail.

• If you're having trouble holding a screw when starting it, stick the end through a piece of tape and tape it to the screwdriver. This way you'll be able to drive the screw without dropping it and you can pull the tape off when you're done!

• Wrap some tape around the metal rim of a paintbrush before you use it, the tape will prevent the paint from seeping up onto the rim, which is harder to clean. Simply peel the tape off when you're done.

• Wrap tape around a new paint roller and then pull it off the loose fuzzies will end up on the tape not in your paint.

A tape tip!

We've all been there, you pick and pick and you still can't find the end of that roll of tape, try a toothpick. Stick it to the underside of the end of the tape. It will do a couple of things, one, it will hold the tape so you can cut it and, leave it under the tip and you'll have a handy pull tab the next time you need the tape!

Now those are some tips you can stick with! I'm Mrs. FIXIT and it's just that simple!


  • Texas Elder

    When you finish with all this tape and need to remove the leftover "stickum" -
    Dust talc, baby powder or flour onto the sticky spots and then roll into removable clumps with your fingers.. no chemicals needed...

  • Ashley M.

    I used Scotch tape last night to keep my iPod Touch earphone from falling out of my ear.

  • mbsaindon

    The only cure I know that works to get rid of ugly warts is..... DUCT TAPE!
    Yes, our pediatricial actually suggested it and it works- you starve the virus of oxygen and it dies--- just put tape over the wart and replace every 2 or 3 days with a new piece... the wart will be gone in a week to 10 days!

  • Michelle

    I put scotch tape on papercuts... takes the burn away instantly!

  • Rongrant

    In the morning, I touch a small piece of tape against the side of the coffee filter pack. Presto, it separates one filter from the rest in an instant..

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