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Sure an ice cold cola is refreshing, but the bubbly drink can help you clean up messes all around your house.

If you have cooked on crud, pour some cola into the pan, and bring it to a boil. The carbonation and heat will loosen that mess in no time. The same procedure will remove lime scale from the inside of your teapot. Just pour in cola and bring to a boil.

cleaning with colaPhotos: (Left) Corbis (Right) Getty Images

Sluggish Drain
Pour some cola down there. It will bubble and fizz away greasy build-up keeping your drains flowing smoothly.

Greasy Clothes
Cola is also a great de-greaser; pour over a load of greasy work clothes, on a greasy stain in your garage or even a nasty spill in the kitchen. It will break up the grease so it is easy to clean away.

Rusty Bolt
If you need to remove a rusty bolt, cola to the rescue, it will loosen the corrosion in no time! It will also clean rust off of all sorts of other metal surfaces. Pour a little on a scrubbing pad and go to work, the rust will disappear.

Stained Toilet
Pour a can of cola down your toilet. Wait an hour and scrub away those stubborn stains.

Can you believe a simple can of cola can do all this? Who knew? I'm Mrs. FIXIT and it's just that simple!

  • Riva Goldshtein

    Have you ever thought what Coke is doing to our insides if it can do all THIS?! Wow.
    I'm always glad though to learn new cleaning short-cuts. I personally keep white vinegar and baking soda on hand since they cheap and can clean practically anything in the whole house. Plus their "green" cleaners so that's a plus. Get more simple, money saving tips from Http:// They have occasional freebies for cleaning too - sample new products and that kind of thing. And no, I've never had to sign up to get the samples.

  • E E

    And doesnt this strike anyone as odd that we all drink this same substance?

  • Momzed

    But isn't that a good thing? Imagine how clean our arteries must be by now.

  • J

    "Have you ever thought what Coke is doing to our insides if it can do all THIS?! "

    Not much. Our stomachs naturally contain acids that are much stronger than cola.

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