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As we look to the year ahead, we ask ourselves: What did we accomplish in 2010? And what will we pull off in 2011? (The short answer: Anything we put our minds to.)

New Year's Day, New Year's EveWhat lies ahead in 2011? Photo: Getty Images

On the first day of the new year, I can't help but relect on the past year and ask myself: What did I accomplish in the last 12 months?

Personally, I moved to a new apartment in New York City, which -- luckily for me -- has not required as many DIY upgrades as my last abode. In the old place, I did manage to spackle an entire bathroom, paint all of my kitchen cabinets, replace my showerhead with a water-efficient low-flow version, install a new bathroom sink faucet, and replace my old sliding closet doors (which were coming off of their hinges) with louvre models (okay, someone else did that last one for me).

And in the new place, I tirelessly sealed off my windows and air conditioner from energy-zapping drafts -- so I can finally sit comfortably in my living room without a down comforter wrapped around me! On the agenda for 2011: Painting the entire living room, which I plan to pull off single-handedly before January is over (I sometimes stubbornly take the term "do it yourself" very literally). I promise to chronicle my home improvement adventures for your reading pleasure. (There, I just made my New Year's resolution publicly! Now I have no excuses to slack off.)

But what I really want to know is: What upgrades and projects are you planning for your home in 2011? In case you need a little help deciding, we took the liberty of mapping out an entire year's worth of small home improvements. Take from it what you will!

But only you are privy to the nuances of your own home -- the leaky roof, that door that won't quite close all the way, the fifth stair in the foyer that keeps squeaking. You know, those annoyances that you just never get around to fixing. This is the year you're going to do them -- and feel really good about yourself afterward.

So let us help you in 2011: Tell us what home improvements you want to scratch off your to-do list this year!


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