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New flooring products are easy to install, but a smooth, level surface upon which to install them is the secret to professional looking results. Watch as we replace this bathroom floor's existing underlay.

installing floorPhoto: Joe Provey, Home & Garden Editorial Services

Today's new flooring products make it easier than ever to install a beautiful new floor. Many such products can be installed without noxious adhesives, and the only tools you need are a carpenter's square and utility knife. For great results, however, there's one step that you shouldn't ignore: preparing the underlay. As with many DIY jobs, preparation is the key to success.

With flooring, preparation entails providing a perfectly smooth and level underlay. I recently helped my son with this part of the job in his bathroom. Click through our step-by-step process below.

  • Sheila Fox

    Interesting to see how easy you made it look to replace floor, however could not tell, did they have to remove old tile first, I would like to replace my floor, however , can flooring go over old tile?

  • rich

    You must remove the existing tile first, unless your installing laminate. Its advised to fill in any large areas where the grout has been lost. Make it as smooth as possible

  • Ankita

    The visit was useful. Content was really very informative. From

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