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Use Baby Products in the Workshop

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Left with an abundance of baby items, like booties and nasal aspirators? Put these items to use in your workshop!

Any time that you have a baby in your home you collect all sorts of baby paraphernalia, but what you do with all of it once the baby has outgrown or no longer needs all that baby stuff. Well, that's when it's time to baby your workshop, I have some easy ways to take unused baby items and put them to use in your workshop.

Snap-top baby wipe containers are perfect for storing all sorts of items, from screws to screwdrivers. You can fill, label and stack them for instant organization that doesn't take up a lot of space. I also like to fill a baby wipe box with used dryer sheets, which are perfect to use as a tack cloth or to clear your safety glasses before you start a project. In fact, if your project is dusty the dryer sheet will eliminate static electricity, which could attract dust and obstruct your view.

If you have upright wipe containers, you can use them to soak paintbrushes that are covered in latex-based paint. Remove the top, and then put your solution in the container. Push the handle of the brush up through the "X" in the lid and then slip the lid and the brush onto the container.

The side rail from a crib makes a great hanging rack. Attach it to the back of a door, and you have the perfect spot to hang tools and supplies. "S" hooks will make it even more versatile.

Use a nasal aspirator to blow sawdust out of the tiny crevices on a project or to remove excess liquid from another project. They're also great for giving a project a gentle rinse.

Save cotton baby diapers, burp cloths, bibs and onesies. These soft cotton items make great staining rags, tack cloths, buffers, hand wipes and faux finishing cloths.

Little nail clippers are great for snipping wires and plastic tabs on packaging. Keep them right in your toolbox so you're ready in a pinch.

Baby booties and little newborn mitts are great to cover the heads of chisels and other tools in the toolbox and protect them from dulling.

I hope these tips inspire you to put all of those unused baby items back to the workshop! For more ideas like these, visit my website Mrs. FIXIT.


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