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Wall-Mount a TV

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Gearing up for Super Bowl 2011? There's still time to wall-mount your flat panel TV before game time!

wall mount a tvBrian Kelsey

It's the thing you keep saying you're going to do, but somehow you still haven't gotten around to it. So what better time than the week leading up to Super Bowl 2011 to finally wall-mount your flat panel TV?

All you need is a wall mount kit with a bracket that suits the size of your TV (most wall mount brackets come in size ranges) and a drill/driver to mount your TV to standard drywall. I used thick lag screws to secure my TV to wall covered in brick veneer.

Click through the photo gallery as I take you through the step-by-step process, and you'll be prepared for kick back in time for kickoff.

  • lolast99

    I've got my tv, Http:// the surround sound and the food and drinks all set to go! BRING IT ON!

  • lolast99

    I've got my tv, the surround sound and the food and drinks all set to go! BRING IT ON!

  • sandy

    HOPEFULLY people will notice they FORGOT to mention your WIRES will show unless you do more ..... the electrical outlet to plug it in as well as the signal wires for cable, DVD etc.

  • Frankenweinie

    could be mistaken, but isnt that a fireplace right below the mounted tv in the top pic? yeah, thats what we want to do, mount the tv right above the fireplace. :-D

  • Dr. G

    I want to see them attach the cables in this example.... I am not aware of cables being directed through fireplaces.... I guess they hang down the front? This is a nice looking idea... now let's see the "simply attach the cables and....."

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