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Is your house ready for some football? Get your place prepared for your Super Bowl party with this short list of cleaning priorities.

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It's Super Bowl time, which means plenty of football, food and, of course, people in your home. For some party hosts, this also entails spending the hours before kickoff scurrying around and stressing out to get the house guest-ready.

Instead of fumbling, try calling an audible: the "faking it" play. Forget the massive clean, and focus your energy on truly noticeable areas to create the illusion of a super pristine house. Here are the top five places where you can score the biggest points.

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1. Clutter Zones
Try to put things in their place or hide them out of sight.

Why You Should Clean Them:
The most noticeable mess for guests is visible clutter on your home's surfaces: countertops, tables, shelves, ledges, floors and so on. It's easy to grow accustomed to piles that have accumulated: board games, newspapers, mail, even useful appliances spread out over the counters. Over time, you don't even notice them -- but your guests certainly do.

How to Clean Them:
Be ruthless about paring down items on flat surfaces. A large expanse of clutter-free surface instantly gives the appearance of tidiness.

If you don't have enough time to sort through the clutter, grab a container and scoop it all in. Stash the container in an area that you know guests won't see or enter, and deal with it later.

When you have a little more time, find a basket, a box, a garbage bag, and a big envelope. Toss all your "put away" items in the basket, your "give away" items in a box (that you can later take to the thrift store), your garbage in the bag and your important papers, such as unpaid bills, in the envelope.

2. The Entryway
Even the grandest entryway can become a giant eyesore if it's cluttered.

Why You Should Clean It:
A clean entryway will make a welcoming first impression for your guests. Your collection of giant parkas and big pile of boots may be easily accessible, but your guests will see it as a big mess as soon as they walk through the door.

How to Clean It:
Tackle overstuffed coat closets. The ideal entryway closet should have a few things hung neatly, and spare hangers waiting to receive guest coats. Remove excess jackets and shoes, and store them somewhere your guests won't enter.

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3. Bathroom
The bathroom may seem like daunting territory to tackle when time is tight, but giving it some attention is an important step toward making a good impression.

Why Clean It:
When guests are using the bathroom, they'll have little to do but contemplate your cleaning ritual and judge the grime in your sink, on your tiles, and under the toilet bowl seat.

How to Clean It:
Speed cleaning a bathroom is an art. First, clear the counter of any clutter. Use pre-moistened towelettes to wipe down the counter, sink and faucets. Do the same for the toilet, then give the bowl a solid scrub. Make sure that mirror is clean and streak-free. Finally, empty the garbage can and change the hand towels. Add a few natural reed diffusers or
some fresh flowers for odor control.

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4. Floors and Furniture
You'll want to pay close attention to the areas where your guests will be spending the most time.

Why Clean Them:
Your couch cracks don't have to be full of potato chip crumbs -- from last year's Super Bowl party -- to be noticeably dirty. Since guests will spend most of their time on your furniture, it's important to make sure these pieces are clean. Keep in mind that if seating is limited, some people might end up sitting on the floor, so clean floors will make an impact.

How to Clean Them:
Vacuum carpet and rugs, sweep and mop (or at least spot wash) hardwood floors and tile.
Flip your couch cushions, vacuum between them and spray a fabric deodorizer if necessary. Have a few cushions and cozy throw blankets on hand for those who end up settling on the floor.

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5. Icky-Sticky 'Neglectables':
Consider how your guests will be using your home, and what they'll be picking up.

Why Clean Them:
If a guest picks up the remote control, they'll notice right away what you may not see: grime in the crevices. The same goes for your fridge, which a helpful (or hungry and thirsty) guest is bound to open. A full fridge is acceptable, but last week's syrup dripping down the inside door is not. What about those coasters? Do they stick together from previously spilled drinks? Guests should not have to clean anything before using it.

How to Clean Them:
Create a list of items that your guests will use in the home. Zero in on those items that might need a little extra TLC. Most things can be cleaned relatively easily, as vinegar and hot water solutions work wonders on the extra sticky solutions. Microfiber cloths prove to be saviors in dusty jobs. Walk through your home and pick out the things your guests will be using. Give them a quick wipe as you go.

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  • Audrey

    Hopefully you have lots of Http:// of closet space and organizers in the closet for a quick clean.

  • Beckie

    Here's a thought ... keep your house clean and you don't have to "fake" it or worry about people coming over and seeing a mess.

  • jesus

    judgmental bitch.

  • Sam

    Here's another even better thought. Why don't you clean it for me!


    Here's a thought.
    Spend less time on these boards and keep your home clean every day.

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