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Make sure to provide a football team's worth of seating with these simple yet whimsical DIY chair projects.

So you're throwing a Super Bowl party this weekend and you're afraid you won't have enough seating for everyone? Here are three of our favorite DIY chairs that you can whip up quickly and on the cheap. (Rather buy than DIY? Check out ShelterPop's roundup of chic seats, each under $50.)

DIY Chair #1: Modern Arm Chair by PlanCanvas

Back in June, we interviewed crafter/builder Christian Schoeneman about the DIY furniture plans he creates for his company PlanCanvas.

In the process, we fell for the Modern Arm Chair he suggests building with 3/4-inch-thick plywood (one 4 x 8-foot piece is enough to build two) and standard dowels. The main tools you'll need are a jigsaw and a drill.

The 26" x 32" x 21" chair is the perfect extra seat that you'll be proud to display in your TV room.

Plans for the chair are free on the company's site.

DIY Chair #2: Two-Hour Chair from "Home from the Hardware Store"

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We recently covered the book "Home from the Hardware Store" by Kathleen Hackett and Stephen Antonson. The pair incorporated common, industrial hardware store items into some of the most ingenius and surprisingly stylish housewares we've seen in a while. One of our favorite projects was the "Two-Hour Chair," so called between you can complete it in exactly that timeframe with an armful of supplies and just two hand tools. Here's an excerpt from the book:


The only time-consuming step in making this chair is cutting the shelf supports. Unlike the table, which is all right angles, this chair is designed to conform to the way we sit, which is always leaning back slightly. To achieve this, the chair base is smaller than the seat. If you want to make a perfectly square chair, make the sled legs 18 inches long.


2 plated steel slotted angle shelf supports, 3' x 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" each
9 plated steel slotted angle shelf supports, 18" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" each
2 plated steel slotted angle shelf supports, 15" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" each
18 zinc bolts and nuts, 1/2-20 x 1/2" each
18 flat washers, 1/2" each
18 lock washers, 1/2" each
18"-square piece of 3/4" plywood


Phillips-head screwdriver
7/16" wrench

DIY chairs, Home from the Hardware StoreRodale Books


1. Arrange the 3' lengths on a work surface, flat edge down, so that they are parallel. Position an 18" piece on either end so that the edges are flush, and place another 18" piece 15 1/2" from one short edge. Fasten them together by sliding a flat washer onto the bolt and inserting it into a corner hole from the underside of the frame. Slide a lock washer onto the bolt, followed by the nut, and tighten with the wrench. This is the back of the chair.

2. Position an 18" shelf support on each end of the ledge of the support in the middle of the chair back. Fasten them to the frame along the inside edge and middle support, using the washers, nuts, and bolts as you did in Step 1. Fasten a third 18" shelf support across the front of the seat in the same manner.

DIY chairs, Home from the Hardware Store, Super Bowl partyRodale Books

3. Attach the 15" shelf supports to the outside of the bottom of the frame. Fasten an 18" piece across the front of the base.

4. With the chair front facing you, tilt the frame by pulling the seat toward you and pushing the chair back away from you. Attach the front legs as in step 3, mounting the remaining two 18" shelf supports to the outside of the seat and base frame. Once it's completely assembled, work around the chair to tighten each bolt.

DIY chairs, Home from the Hardware Store, Super Bowl partyRodale Books

5. Set the plywood into the seat frame so that it rests on the bolts; it will be slightly higher than the edges of the frame (see 5a), so that your legs are not touching the frame when you're seated. If the plywood resists, use a hammer to tap it into place.

DIY Chair #3: DIY Upholstered Folding Chairs by Apartment Therapy

If you have plain Jane, standard-issue folding chairs -- or plan on buying a few for your Super Bowl party -- give them a design upgrade with this simple upholstery project.

Leave it to the creative minds at Apartment Therapy to dream up and execute these excellent upholstered DIY folding chairs. All you need to bang out one of these chairs is an hour, a staple gun, a hot glue gun, your favorite fabric and some foam and dacron. Click here for full instructions.

Happy Super Bowl party!

  • Winnie

    These are nice looking chairs Http:// I can put them in my new kitchen after the game.

  • Frank

    My favorite way to seat people for the Super Bowl is at their own homes. I want to see the game, not feed furciferous, greedy louts and listen to their puerile noise in my own den.

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