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Knick Knack Makeover

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Few things make a room feel as dated and messy as a heap of hideous knick knacks. Here's how to transform these eyesores into chic showpieces with a secret weapon -- white spray paint.

Check out this effortlessly clever makeover project from Decor Demon, courtesy of our friends over at Houzz!

Houzz, knick knack

Ever since my Aunt Rita's creepy clown figurine damaged my soul back in 1982, I've despised knick knacks. As somewhat of a modernist, I've often pondered the purpose of these cluttery horrors. It's not like they actually do anything, right? Plus, you've gotta have something to showcase them in; who wants to spend $800 on a display cabinet for dozens of stupid things no one cares about anyway?

knick knack, makeoverA basketful of unsightly knick knacks, before and after. Photo: Houzz

Always up for a challenge, I attempted to make a dozen aesthetically-challenged knick knacks hip, sophisticated and useful. Though doubtful from the start, it turns out that with just a few simple materials, a steady hand and a lazy afternoon, anyone can turn ghastly garbage into glamorous goodies.

knick knack, makeoverHouzz

In addition to an assortment of odd-numbered, uber-ugly, pseudo-accessories, here's what you'll need for this project: sandpaper, newspaper, canned air, spray paint handle, spray primer and high-gloss spray paint.

knick knack, makeoverHouzz

Here's where the newspaper comes in handy. Once you've decided on a well ventilated, exterior workspace, use the periodical to protect your work surface.

knick knack, makeoverHouzz

Ain't buyin' the canned air thing? Well, here's proof that proper prep results in one helluva great finish; the previously tacky, golden cherub is now a snow-white superstar. Although any color spray paint will work, I strongly encourage sticking with ultra-white. It goes with everything and instantly modernizes all things stuffy, traditional or gaudy.

Want to see just how to acheive a flawless finish? Head over to Houzz for the full, step-by-step instructions, and to see more refinished knick knacks!

  • Harriet

    knick knacks are sill tacky no matter what color you paint them

  • Kat

    Gemme a break-why do you think yard sale listings take up so much space in the newspaper from
    April-Oct? Also-give eBay a look sometime and see all the knick-knacks people are buying and selling all year long. Somebody wants it and there is always somebody buying it-maybe just to resell it or maybe to make it over into who knows what just for the fun of it.

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