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Beyond the laundry room, reader Belle Goode shares great uses for dryer sheets.

It's common knowledge that fabric-softener dryer sheets can be used to eliminate static cling and soften clothes, but that's just the beginning of their usefulness. Dryer sheets have been my mom's go-to tool for cleaning all around the house. Just check out some of her favorite ways to clean with them:

Wash Dishes: To loosen baked-on food from dishes, simply place a dryer sheet onto the dish, fill with cold water, and let it soak over night. The fabric softener in the dryer sheet will break down the food particles, making the dish much easier to clean in the morning.

Mosquito Repellent: Just stick a dryer sheet in each pocket or tie it to a belt loop. My family grew up camping, and using dryer sheets is a lot more cost effective than any bug spray or citronella candle. Plus, they have a pleasant scent.

Deoderizer: Banish stinky odors by tucking dryer sheets into sneakers, slippers, luggage, camping gear, sports equipment, basements, attics, and garages.

Soap Scum Buster: Clean glass shower doors by scrubbing them with damp dryer sheets.

Duster: Wipe static from your television and computer screen, as well as dust blinds.

Needless to say, I now keep a box of dryer sheets in my laundry, and one under my sink.

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  • carol

    Who writes these things? It infuriates me that the current generation always manages to spoil the meaning of their helpful hints by MISSPELLING WORDS IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE! It seems like people no longer proofread their work and if they do, they don't catch misspellings and typographical errors. It just goes to show how slack teachers are these days. I'm 62 and my generation was the last generation in the United States that still knows how to spell and cares if they do misspell. Go back and read the helpful hints on dryer sheets and see if you can even find the error(s).

  • Chris

    I'm always glad to learn more uses for everyday household products. Dryer sheets are pretty chemicalized though so I don't think I'd want to be use them for just any and everything. I have been able to get those Shout Color Catches laundry sheets free from HTtp:// They have lots of samples and that was 1 of them I enjoyed trying.

  • jmoney5759

    If I could only win the lottery! Http:// Then I wouldn't be in the trouble I'm in right now!

  • Nancy W

    I'm almost as old as you are, and was an A student in English. I don't see any spelling errors. I think maybe you think you know how to spell some words, but don't.

  • Billy

    Typical arrogant old generation hag, who has nothing better to do than gripe at other peoples mistakes instead of helping them correct it. If you have such a problem with the way our generation is, then get out of your Hoveround and do something about it.

  • Steve

    For Nancy that is the A student.

    Deoderizer should be spelled...deodorizer.

  • Jelly Bean

    @ Nancy W, according 2 Carol U R supossed 2 kno how 2 spel beecuz us yung folk dont knno how to speeeel or tipe.

  • The Empress

    I have been proofing documents since forever. It was priority in the jobs I held working for the US Air Force. I proof every piece of mail and really everything I read without being totally aware of it. It's a habit I can't break. And for the record, the dryer sheet article had more than one error. Oh yes, "deodorizer" was just ONE! Who can spot the others?

  • charles wallace


  • Antoinette

    Did you really just say that? Wow, how could you possibly turn something as simple as dryer sheets into a way to insult an entire race of women! What an @$$!

  • Kay

    If you get "shocked" every time you pet your cat or dog, use a fabric sheet and rub the animal down. It will not harm them, make them smell nice, AND reduce the static electrical shock.

  • pamela

    i like that idea! i have 4 large "shocking" i know what to do! Might even make them smell better, too!

  • Left Seat

    Cat fanciers:
    Cut up USED dryer sheets and put them into your cat boxes....kills some of the swell, and is recycling as well.

  • Pedro

    That is funny.

  • Mark

    Wash Dishes? I'm sorry water will do this on its own... trust me, my roommates and I are experts at letting dishes sit around.

  • Tracey

    The only word that's misspelled is Deodorizer. Other than that I liked this article and thanks for the helpful tips.

  • Susan

    Another use: If your hair is full of static electricity, which mine often is in the winter, rub your hairbrush with a fabric softener sheet. It works beautifully!

  • Marta

    Also works on static on hair. At least it does for me when I'm feeling the electricity!!!

  • carolyn jackson

    use dryer sheets to remove bugs from the grill on your car or truck

  • Lucitee

    Use them to wipe down your leather or vinyl car dash, GREAT to dust furniture, wipe down cob webs,
    stored clothing, shoe boxes, dresser drawers. There is no end to its uses! Even the ones you have already used will work! Just not as well as a fresh one.

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