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Is there a better way to heat your home? Radiant floor heating is a very viable option: it's clean, evenly distributed and energy-efficient.

It's the heart of winter and by now we're all familiar with it: the flaky, cracked skin that comes from being cooped up all day surrounded by dry air. The kinds of heating systems that most of us have -- forced-air systems (think furnaces and radiators) -- breed this kind of environment.

But radiant floor heating offers a very attractive alternative to the dusty vents and radiators we're used to. By installing plastic tubes underneath your actual flooring, your house gets warm from the ground up, and the heat is distributed throughout the house evenly and without the dryness and dust of forced air systems. Plus, they actually save energy by allowing you to turn down your thermostat a few degrees and still feel the same amount of coziness.

Would you make the switch?

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  • flexles

    I have never had dry skin from forced air besides central air is the only way to go when it's 110 outside whick would make it 130 inside

  • charlchase2011

    I'm very frugal! Http:// I say, If it isn't broken, don't fix it!

  • thinkingperson

    Hot water in the winter, cool water in summer.

  • Sam

    this type of system has been in place for a long while. It was standard in the Levittown homes built in Levittown NY,Long Island, which provided cheap housing for veterans coming home after WWII. They had many problems with this heating system,especially when the tubing would have to "dig-up" half the floor to find the problem and to fix it. Has the technologh changed since them?

  • neal

    i have had radiant heat for 9 years and heating costs for a 2700 foot ranch runs $200-$250 per month.........never had any leaks or problems.

  • Evie Glodic

    I grew up in a small town in NJ & radiant heating was the type of heat our entire area had. Our homes were built in the early 1950's & sold to returning Worl War II veterans. It was an inexpensive type of heat for the builder to install & for the homeowners to afford. I loved it. We could lay on the floor in the cold winter nights & watch our black & white tv!
    Evie Glodic

  • tom

    No doubt what you say is true, boo, but was there really a need to throw racism into this story? These things happened in the past and while they're not something we should be proud of, very few of us alive today had anything to do with it. Dredging up the past over and over doesn't change things, doesn't help those who were discriminated against and can only stir up anger. Whoopi Goldberg is probably much better qualified to do that than you.

  • Keith J. Mohrhoff

    The Ancient Greeks used to use it so, by now, it is no doubt a much improved and proven technology.

  • Evie Glodic

    Radiant Heating - it is wonderful! Let me tell you a quick story - my father was a WWII veteran. When they returned to civilian life the country needed to build homes. There was a building boom in the late 40's & early 50's and many builders used radiant heating because it was easy to install & inexpensive since the homes were on concrete slabs. I lived in New Jersey & I loved laying on the floors on a cold winter night. I inherited their home after they passed away & for many years my husband & I kept the radiant heat system. We eventaully changed to gas hot water heating but I'll always those cold winter nights on the warm livingroom floor watching television.
    Evie Glodic

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