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DIY projects don't need to be elaborate, back-breaking endeavors. Check out simple projects from around the web that repurpose everyday items into something fabulous.

everyday itemsCurbly

A beautiful headboard can make a big impact to any room. While there are plenty of store-bought options at your disposal, you can easily make your own headboard out of everyday materials. Wood, paint, upholstered panels, and doors are some of the many items you can use to craft grand headboards. [Curbly]

everyday itemsApartment Therapy

Wooden pallets -- those flat, portable platforms used to transport goods -- are one of the most readily available, inexpensive DIY materials. Simply visit a local pallet company, and you can pick up hundreds of these platforms free. They can then be used to craft a unique, rustic wall. The process is simple, consisting of separating the wood planks from the pallets and using nails or glue to attach each plank onto the wall. [Mom and Her Drill via Apartment Therapy]

everyday itemsApartment Therapy

For some it's hard to wrap their head around this concept: you don't need to spend a lot of money for statement furniture pieces. These plain, affordable IKEA cabinets are given a new look with an easy wallpaper application. [Apartment Therapy]

everyday itemsShelterPop

For most homes, a desk is an essential piece of furniture. Before you buy one, check out creative ways you can craft a custom-make desk. ShelterPop features three DIY desks created from floating shelves, bookcases and cinderblocks (yes, the same cinderblocks you used in college). [ShelterPop]

everyday itemsMartha Stewart

Brighten up a room with mirrored furniture that won't break the bank. Upgrade a coffee table or end table by topping them with custom-cut mirror glass. [Martha Stewart]

everyday items, diy pendant lampsBetter Homes & Gardens

Take your bowls out of the kitchen and into the bedroom with these charming pendant lamps. Drill a hole in the bottom of the bowls and insert a halogen accent light. Use grosgrain ribbon and bows to dress up the cord. [Better Homes & Gardens]

everyday itemsYoung House Love

Save money on artwork by painting large canvases with interior latex paint. This is an inexpensive way to add a splash of color to bland to walls. [Real Simple]

Young House Love may take top prize for best 15-minute DIY project. The adorable couple, Sherry and John, crafted a chic side table from a luggage rack and faux leather tray. Using a stroke of genius they attached the tray to the luggage rack with simple Command removable adhesive strips. [Young House Love]

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    That shabby-chic cinder block legged table reminds me of days in college when it was all about functionality - I wasn't trying to make design statement - just trying to keep my table from falling.:)

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