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Dryer lint is disgusting, and your first instinct is probably to toss it. But here's an idea: save it up and use it to start a fire in your wood stove fireplace. Here's how.

dryer lint, dryer lint usesDryer lint and egg cartons to start a fire in your fireplace. Who knew? Photos: dumbeast, Flickr; Getty Images

Nobody knows what to do with old dryer lint -- aside from the throw it away, of course -- but here's how to reuse it in a fun and creative way!

Save up your empty cardboard egg cartons and mix a combination of melted candle wax and dryer lint into the egg cups. Break the cups apart and you have a dozen firestarters to toss into your wood stove or fireplace! Add essential oils or other scents to the wax for an added bonus.

Watch this video to learn the right way to clean your dryer vent of lint (which can impede your dryer's performance if it builds up):

Got any other uses for dryer lint? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Victoria

    Birds will use it for nests also. I used to sit on the grass on a windy day and throw balls of it in the air and the birds would swoop it right up for their nests. It was also fun just to watch how close they would come to get it and how fast.

  • Dutch

    Never let birds get hold of dryer lint. It looks so much like cat tail fuzz that the birds will almost always use it. It's not natural fuzz, though. The dryer lint holds water when it rains. If birds use dryer link in their nest there's a good chance the babies will die from getting cold in the wet lint. I used to put it out for birds too until I heard this so spread the word.

  • Donna

    I was gonna suggest the same Victoria. And if you have a problem with squirrels chewing up your lawn furniture, just place wads of dryer lint around on fences etc. and they will use it for their nests and leave your furniture alone.

  • Steve

    For a firestarter, it's hard to beat the output of your paper shredder.

  • Bonbon

    Dryer lint disgusting? Boy, you've REALLY got problems.

    If you like to make paper, use the lint to add interesting colors and strength.

  • Byron Kerns

    Many students at my wilderness survival school bring dryer lint as a tinder in their fire-making kit. It's okay to use, but ........ doesn't work well mixed with tremendous amounts of cat hair or if the lint comes from childrens's fire retardant clothing.

  • Rocks

    There is nothing "new" about this idea...our family has been doing this for years!

  • paulie

    add dryer lint to your composter bin

  • AdobePhsyko

    Use dryer link to make paper. Just add it to your pulp slurry............It makes paper like money is made of

  • CmdrKat

    ALSO another great use for dryer lint is ridding your yard of GOPHERS!!!! I used to bring home the 18" road flares, but they're obviously dangerous and toxic! Save up a load of as much of the "fluffy stuff" as you can in a closed box or bag so the softner/detergent/human scents don't diminish, then place some near a new hole and keep stuffing it in DEEP as possible with a long stick (a broom handle will work just fine!) Gophers HATE the scent of humans and will run for the neighbor's yard, so be nice and warn them to save up their own lint for the attacks. TRIED AND TRUE, BELIEVE ME!!

  • gov111w

    This is not new, the Boy Scouts of America have been using this metheod way back to the early 1980's when I had a troop. I'm glad to see that it still is considered a helpfull use for the lint.

  • Candace

    If I hoard my dryer lint, egg cartons, and left over candle wax to start my fireplace, what the hell am I gonna do with all the junk mail I get everyday? Junk mail takes up more room in the trash can than old candle wax and dryer lint, so I'll stick do burning all the ads. No need to thank me. I'm just doing my part to save the planet. Now, where did I put those mercury filled CF lightbulbs? Oh, and remind me later to put the EPA and HAZMAT in my speed dial.

  • Jean

    Me thinks this might be toxic!

  • donnarayleen

    this is taught in GIRL SCOUTS and yes, it is a great fire starter.


    Yes, lint is a GREAT fire starter so beware! Since nobody has mentioned this, don't forget to CLEAN OUT YOUR LINT FILTERS! Many years ago, my sister's dryer caught fire because she was too lazy to clean the filters. I also do not go to bed or leave the home with the dryer running. After hearing about this, I can't rest knowing there is that possibility. So make sure you clean your filters after each load, especially after drying loads of towels, which cause the most lint.

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