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Our favorite online destination to buy, sell and donate home improvement supplies is now accessible to DIYers anywhere in the country.

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Ever wish there was an accessible place where you could score great deals on building supplies and unload the ones you have no use for? Without having to actually leave your home? A place like CraigsList, but dedicated just to your home improvement projects? Well, today is your lucky day.

Our favorite home improvement classifieds site, DiggersList, just went global. So no matter where you are in the U.S., this DIY marketplace is now available to you -- no loading up of the van required.

DiggersList lets you buy or sell anything home improvement-related, from spare lumber and drywall to whole light fixtures and furniture. You can even find spare parts for your power tools or your plumbing. Just input your zip code and the site will locate items close to where you live (but you can also search nationally if you choose).

And if you decide to list your own supplies for sale on the site, and they don't end up selling, DiggersList will donate your items to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, where they're sold at rock bottom prices -- and the proceeds are used to fund Habitat's mission to provide safe, affordable homes to those in need.

DiggersList first hit our radar about a year ago when it was a fledgling resource available to only select U.S. cities. But what a difference a year can make! "We've received a flood of requests, all over the country, to open up new cities," said Matt Knox, CEO and Co-founder of DiggersList. "So we have decided to fast forward our plans and bring DiggersList to the entire country ahead of schedule."

So if your spring cleaning plans involve cleaning out your garage, basement or any other heavy-duty clutter zone, you may want to bookmark DiggersList today -- and avoid a headache later.

Need help figuring out what to get rid of? This video can help you figure out what to unload -- and other places that will accept your goods:


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