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Get the look of a solid granite countertop in your kitchen with one of these three fabulous faux granite treatments -- and serve up high style on a humble budget.

granite countertop, faux granite countertopsSolid granite is one of the most popular countertop options out there -- also one of the priciest. Photo: granite-charlotte, Flickr

If you're like most Americans, the idea of a glossy, modern granite countertop in your kitchen sounds pretty sweet. But unless you've got a generous budget and/or abundant DIY skills, granite countertops may not be in your forseeable future.

Or are they? We found three easy DIY applications that let you mimic the look of solid granite countertop (trust us, they look just like the real thing!) at a fraction of the price.

1. Countertop Paint Kit
You may have wondered, is it possible to paint your laminate countertops? The answer is yes, and to fabulous effect. If you want to paint your laminate countertops with a faux finish that looks eerily identical to granite, check out this video. It demonstrates the results of the Giani Granite paint kit, which includes several types of paints, tools for applying the finish (including a textured sponge), and a high-gloss finishing coat that mimic granite countertop.

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2. Granite Tile
Tile installation is a pretty doable project for DIYers of all levels. So if the idea of installing solid granite countertop seems a bit daunting, consider installing granite tile over your existing surface -- as long as you're okay with the grout lines, that is. Granite tiles are usually about 12" square and because they're thinner than a stone slab, they're also lighter and easier to handle. Watch this video to learn more about granite tiles.

3. Plastic Laminate with Granite Look
We know what you're probably thinking: There's no way plastic laminate can look or feel like real granite. But quality plastic laminate post form tops are actually produced with both matte and glossy finishes plus subtle grooves that mimic the texture of real granite countertop, to both the eye and the touch -- at about 50% less than natural stone slabs. Watch as DIYer Danny Lipford explains the ins and outs of stone-look plastic laminate countertops.


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