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Chalkboard Table: Not Just for Kids

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A chalkboard table is perfect for kids and adults, art projects and to-do lists. Get your paint brush ready...

Check out this creative DIY by our friends at Houzz!


No matter how high-end my clients go with their choice of dining table, if they have kids it's pretty much guaranteed it will end up doubling as a scribbling, let's-pull-the-crust-off-the-bread, juicebox-sipping coloring station. What's the point in spending thousands of dollars on a fancy table if it's gonna be covered in crayons, Matchbox cars and kiddie yumyums 80 percent of the time? Well, if that's the case, just embrace it.

chalkboard-tableNot yet a chalkboard table...Photo: Houzz

If you find yourself in the same situation, this project may be right up your alley. Whether you've got an existing table that earns its keep yet lacks the kid-friendly factor, or if you wanna run out to a flea market and grab the best $30 table you see, here's how to turn one table into both a grownup's place to dine and a kid's place to play. And the best part? There are zero power tools involved.

chalkboard-tableTada! Photo: Houzz

Check out Houzz's step-by-step to make this DIY happen in your home!


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