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This weekend, embrace the warmer weather -- while still being productive, of course. Pick one or two of these crafts or clean-ups and you'll feel like a champ on Monday morning.

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With the weather finally improving, everyone's desperate to burst out of the office Friday evening and into the glorious weekend. But that doesn't have to mean two full days of sunbathing: Take advantage of the beautiful weather with these great, get-outside projects.

Weekend Project #1: Planting With the Kids
Careful how you present this to kids: Picking out and planting flowers sounds way more appealing than pulling weeds. Ask them to choose their favorite blooms and help place them in your yard this weekend. This is just one of 75 tips for getting kids to help in the garden -- check out the other 74 outdoor tips.

Weekend Project #2: Clean Out the Garage
Yes, it's not exactly outside -- but you'll want to take on this project during nice weather so you can pull up the door. Move old, unneeded belongings out of the garage so you have more room to organize the important stuff. Need product tips? Here's one way to organize your garage. Good luck!

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Weekend Project #3: Make a Bird Feeder
Warm weather means chirping birds! And what's a better craft for this weekend than making feeders for those happy birds. For all the materials, check out the full post on making a bird feeder has all the details!

Weekend Project #4: Get the Porch in Shape
Looking for a bigger project this weekend? Spruce up that front porch. Sweep, powerwash -- do what you must to make it ready to enjoy for low-key evenings. Or take it a step further with a full refurbishing.

Weekend Project #5: Take it Easy
OK, once your garden is blooming, the bird feeder is made, and your porch is spotless, treat yourself. Grab a basket and pack it with your favorite foods. Find a quiet place -- maybe it's in your own backyard -- and enjoy a picnic this weekend. We have all you need to know to picnic like a pro!

For more to-do this weekend -- or next -- check out Low-Cost Weekend Projects and Weekend DIYs!


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