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We doubt you have big plans for those chopsticks and chicken wire -- so why not go the upcycling route and turn them into useful items?

Look around -- you probably don't see any art in your flatware drawer or on the sidewalk during your morning commute. We didn't either until we saw these videos. Find creative ways to upcycle household items into art that you'll love.

This video has so many upcycling ideas for chopsticks, we're kind of blown away. Wine rack? Storage boxes? You'll think twice before trashing those chopsticks next time you order in Chinese food.

Chicken wire plus spoons equals...OK, you probably don't know. We didn't until we watched this. Whether or not this lighting is your style, you have to admit it's creative. Watch for craft details here:

The video below is great one for children. They will love decorating the boxes and learn that recycling doesn't just mean toting cardboard out to the curb. It can be fun!

For more recycled art, read Handmade: Make a Lamp from old media disks!

  • Nancy

    What an amazing and fun site! Thanks for all of the entertaining ideas!!! You are all so talented!!

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