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Jessica Alba Gossip: She DIYs!

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When faced with a friend's baby shower decorations, Jessica Alba would rather DIY than buy. Check out her cute crafts and get instructions on how to copy them!

We don't flinch much at Jessica Alba gossip. But when we heard that the "Little Fockers" actress got into Martha Stewart mode while preparing for a friend's baby shower, we stalked her Facebook profile to get the details.

"Me and some of the girls making decorations for a friends baby shower," she wrote. "Decided to go the DIY route. More personal and fun, plus we used a bunch of recycled materials. Could you all post some of the DIY party projects you've done?"

Ah, a DIY-er after our own hearts. We bet she'd appreciate the DIY project we did to recreate her fantastic shelved mirror!

Check out the full gallery -- and instructions on how to recreate two of our favorite crafts!,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=992666&pid=992665&uts=1300803386

Jessica Alba Gossip: She DIYs!

Jessica Alba and her friends are deep in the DIY zone. And how cute is little Honor, standing by?

Jessica Alba Gossip: She DIYs!

Yes, even celeb crafters make a mess.

Jessica Alba Gossip: She DIYs!

The key to great-looking paper crafts? Lots of colors and textures. The variety makes the spread look extra special.

Jessica Alba Gossip: She DIYs!

These flowers get a whimsical touch with a butterfly middle and lily pad backdrop. To make them at home, start with a large piece of green construction paper. Cut it into a circle and then snip out a triangle to create the pad. Then, cut three pieces of white paper into circles -- each one slightly smaller than the last. Cut scalloped edges on all the circles, cutting about 1/4 into the center. When ready, layer the three circles on top of the "lily pad" and glue them together in the center. After curling the "petals" with your fingers, place a butterfly sticker in the center.

Jessica Alba Gossip: She DIYs!

A super simple DIY: Buy plain white paper lanterns and use white glue to affix craft flowers and butterflies. The only rule: Make sure to space them out appropriately and use lots of colors!

Jessica Alba Gossip: She DIYs!


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