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Make a House-Shaped Book Stand

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You keep your books in your house...but why not keep them on a house. A small, wooden one, that is. Here's how.

Check out this creative DIY project from our friends at Curbly!

book stand

There are a few things that simply seem to belong on a bedside table: a lamp, alarm clock, perhaps a pair of glasses, and a few magazines or books. Then, once you add a few personal items (mine usually include a crossword puzzle or two and a glass of water), and there's not a lot of extra space for any accessories or "decor" items.

book standAn adorable book stand. Photo: Curbly.

So, I wanted to make something to add a little bit of fun and style, but that doesn't take up too much prime nightstand real estate or interfere with the other items.And so, you see the results above: an alternative take on the bookmark (which I never seem to use anyway), in the form of a clean, Scandinavian-style wooden home. If using it to support your books isn't your thing, no worries. Who wouldn't want a tiny little wooden house to accessorize any space?

True, I do have a bunch of fancy woodworking tools, and I used them here, but everything here can be done with simple hand tools, like a $20 pull saw or coping saw.

Head over to Curbly to get the full step-by-step!

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