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The heir to the British throne is a champion of environmental conservation. And HRH's latest venture has taught us a thing or two about eco-living.

The whole world is waiting with bated breath for the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. However, the groom's own father is at least one member of the royal family who hasn't been completely consumed by wedding preparations.

A long-time environmental activist, who has been dedicated to causes like renewable energy and organic farming long before they were chic, the Prince of Wales has become even more active in promoting these eco-causes. In fact, he recently told Vanity Fair,"I am absolutely determined to be the defender of nature. Full stop. That's what the rest of my life is going to be concerned with." Strong words for the heir to the British throne. Prince Charles latest green project is a earth-friendly model home designed by his foundation, The Prince's Foundation For The Built Environment.

The "Prince's House",a model eco-conscious house, is one of the main attractions at this year's Ideal Home Show (March 11-27) in Earls Court in West London. While the royal model house is a far-cry from Buckingham Palace, the low-carbon domicile is a treasure trove of eco-friendly ideas. Here's what we learned from the Prince's House.

1. Green can -- and should -- be beautiful. The Prince believes that energy-efficient can also be attractive and this model home proves his point.

2. The suburbs are greener than the country. The Prince's Foundation believes that the most earth-friendly choice is to build homes near shops, schools and other amenities so that people can easily bike or walk to their destinations.

Recycled art is chic. In the master bedroom, a pair of framed baby dresses stands in for artwork: A lovely and earth-friendly way to preserve memories.

Upcycled furnishings can be stylish. Several pieces of furniture and accessories were made using materials that would have ended up in a landfill.

You don't need high technology to go green. The Prince's house relies on decidedly low-fi technology, like an insulated roof for the majority of its energy efficiency.

Nature makes the best insulation. The house uses nature's best for insulation: Lime-hemp and sheep's wool (really!) in the roof and floors and plain old air is trapped in a space between the interior and exterior walls.

Old-fashioned can be earth-friendly. The house is built using traditional design and building methods that have been proven to work over time.

The "buy local" edict isn't just for food. The Prince's House was made using materials from British companies in order to cut down on its carbon footprint.

A beautiful home is ultimately greener. The Prince's Foundation believes, "If a building cannot be loved, it is more likely to be demolished within a relatively short span." We couldn't agree more.

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  • Roger

    The home has an appropriate number of well-organized and modestly-sized bathrooms. It is modestly sized, has good flow between rooms and a strong connection to the outdoors. It is a pretty good Eco friendly house with all sots of comforts.

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