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We are always looking for new ways to use household items. In our search, we stumbled upon this creative idea -- a light bulb vase!

We have to hand it to Ready Made, this is genius! Not only is it a super savvy way to repurpose -- which we love to do -- but it looks great too! By hollowing out a light bulb and creating an aluminum rod stand, you can make a perfect new home for a house plant -- and yes, recycle in style. Not only is this a great way to get extra use out of burnt-out light bulbs, we think it makes a pretty perfect on-the-cheap housewarming gift.

Visit Ready Made to get the full step-by-step instructions so you can get started!

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  • tom

    A housewarming gift? This is the kind of thing someone gives you and when you say "You shouldn't have!", you really mean it. Unfortunately too many of us have drawers, boxes or closets filled with these tacky and useless gifts. We care about the giver, so we don't throw it away, but just wish that person had used the money to treat himself to dinner or maybe drop it in the poor box at church. I think when choosing a gift, it's important to know that people have very different ideas about decorating and maybe we should let them choose their decor rather than buy something we think would look nice. I'm afraid I'm not very convincing when I say "It's wonderful, just what I wanted", although I try real hard. It's even harder when someone gives you a gift and you don't have a clue what it is.

  • Tex

    Just because the lightbulb vase is creative doesn't mean it's attractive. Bleh.....

  • Tom L.

    Well...the lightbulb vase seems like it might be an interesting thing to make. It has a retro, 60's or 70's look to it. However, I would not give it as a gift to someone unless that person had in their home shag carpeting, lava lamps, black light posters, etc. Then it would fit right in.

    Otherwise, the lightbulb vase might be good as a project for a grade school's art class. If I made such an item when I was a kid, my mother would have said she loved it even if she actually thought it was dumbest, most useless thing she had even seen!

  • Jeffrey Monheit

    I want the old-style light bulbs back, not these cancer causing curly fries!

  • Joy from Brooklyn

    Amen! And they're hideous and creepy.

  • JoJo

    Amen to thatt!! They also don't work worth a crap. They aren't good for reading by and they are not recommended foor use in the kitchen, unless you enjoy having your food look like it has gone bad.

  • ed

    I'm stocking up now on incadescent bulbs. Beginning in 2012 a stupid law goes into effect banning the sale of those bulbs starting with the 100 watt bulbs folloed later by the lesser wattage bulbs.

  • richard bray


  • George Princeton

    Are you serious? What's next? How to re-purpose and re-gift used toothbrushes?

    Thanks so much for nothing!!!

  • Harry Hurt

    If my kid gave me such a thing I would be proud to display it in the living room for all to see.

  • Eric

    No to dress up that old toliet and make it a centerpiece! Uh, gang, really? You all must be starved for news. Of corse, being here in WV it would be..."how to take those nasty ol shotgun shells and make a perfect wall painting"...or something of that effect. As for the lightbulbs...the morons in DC have gotten me to buy up any and all incandecent bulbs before they are "outlawed". Another wonderful idea brought to you by the igits called congress and the green party. Next to be banned..oxygen..causes cancer! Oh, and tax the sun also.

  • Terry

    Electric light bulbs get hot , therefore they are very useful In the winter for Keeping plants and many other things from freezing in cold climates. they are 100 percent effient fo heating inclosed places . lets not be so fast in doing away with them, better give that some thought!

  • Pom

    Very DUMB! Light bulbs are to easily broken for this kind of thin. Especially if there are children in the house.

  • PK

    I actually think it compliments the bottoms of the grasses. The tear drop shape is attractive and the metal adds visual interest. While some repurposing ideas are totally far fetched, I think this one is neat and creative in a good way. Look at the shape, the color it holds, and look at the materials - glass and metal.

  • DH

    POM is right in the reply! How stupid is someone to make a vase from a light bulb! They are under vacuum when in use and that keeps their thin walls from breaking so easily. Once you remove the vacuum, the glass is very delicate and is tiny shards to clean up when it breaks.

    Throw away old light bulbs in the trash; they cannot be recycled in any way at a recycling center.

  • David

    That is not only insane but extremely dangerous. Those lamps are extremely brittle and when they break there are small, sharp, dangerous glass pieces every where. This gimmick is a danger to kids and pets.

  • Three Strikes

    Never Mind---I'm just trying something out.

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