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Bored with paint? Intimidated by wallpaper prices? Make your own wallcovering with book pages.

Check out this creative DIY project from our friends at Houzz!


A quick look through my design portfolio and it's obvious I'm a fan of wallcovering. From grasscloth to fabric, geometric prints to toile, adding texture, color and/or pattern with textiles is always my preference over paint.

book-wallpaperBefore: A blank slate. After: Beautiful DIY book wallpaper. Photos: Houzz.

Since many high-end wallcoverings come with high-end price tags, we can't all shell out the clams to clad our walls so elegantly -- unless we get creative, that is. Here's a way to cover your walls with words and illustrations from old books. If you've ever (a) read a book (b) held a paint brush (c) cut a piece of paper, you can do this project. Check it out:

First up, you've gotta decide on the proper room for this project. Kitchens and bathrooms? No -- in fact, consider all wet spaces totally off limits. Guest rooms, offices or reading nooks? Yes, please. For my own little typography-fest, I chose a bachelor's attic which is used for quiet escapes.

Want to get the full step-by-step? Head over to Houzz for the full story.

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  • giftbasketsusa1

    Website is very comprehensive and informative. I have enjoyed the visit. From

  • Jenny

    No, no, no! How long before you hate this look? Http:// When doing remodeling you should make it so you can change the room decor to give the room a different look without having to change the walls every time too.

  • John Doe

    If you cannot read, then may as well use them for something. Very tacky decoration, IMO.

  • BTDT

    Arguably ths worst idea I've ever heard.
    This is wrong on so many levels.

  • anna

    hahaha we were so poor when I was a kid we papered the walls with old newspapers; maybe why thats why I was a good reader

  • JMark

    Don't quit your day job(If you still have one).

  • Jethrine

    I agree! This is the silliest decorating tip I've ever seen. It screams "poverty!"

  • sturho

    We were lucky to have walls. Learned to read from Monkey Ward catalogues in the outhouse.

  • Frankie

    While I like unusual methods of decorating, this book-page wallpaper makes the room look like a flop house or tenement. To each his own, huh?

  • Angiebaby

    Cheap, tacky and ugly. It's pretty hard to hit such a dreadful trifecta of "Don'ts" in one room, but by golly, she did it!

  • Catherine

    I could imagine doing a framed piece of interesting typeface, title pages, illos, etc. ...but an entire wall? An entire room? Far better to build bookcases on the walls and shelve actual BOOKS instead of parts of them. (It looks like a badly done children's collage.)

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