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Think April Fool's Day pranks are for kids? You probably haven't played a good one, then. We've rounded up our favorite DIY pranks from around the web to help change that.

There's a lot of attention paid to office pranks: Cubicles filled with balloons, switched office chairs and staplers suspended in Jello (thank you, The Office!). But we suggest that you take your April Fool's Day antics straight home. Yes, to your family. Because they have to love you no matter what. Your boss? Not so much.

april fools pranks homeFind out how to use a "For Sale" sign for an April Fools' prank. Photo: Getty.

April Fool's Day in...Your Front Yard
Get a "For Sale" yard sign from a hardware store and stick it in front of your home before your kids and spouse get back. Try to position yourself at the window to see their confused faces.

April Fool's Day in...The Bathroom
Before everybody goes to bed, sprinkle salt on all the toothbrushes but your own. The salt won't actually hurt anyone but it'll make for some funny faces once they start brushing.

April Fool's Day in...The Bedroom
First step: Wait until your family members are asleep. Then sneak into the room in the middle of the night and swap their drawers. When they groggily reach for a shirt in the morning of April 2nd and find only pants, delight in reminding them there's no harm in an April Fool's day prank that lasts until the next morning.

April Fool's Day in...The Kitchen
Fill a cereal bowl halfway with water and freeze it overnight. In the morning, pour your spouse/kids/roommate a bowl of cereal on top of the ice block. Once they dig in and their spoon hit the hard ice, that's your cue to start cracking up.

April Fool's Day in...The Living Room
Tape down the phone button on your family's landline so that whoever picks it up will think it's dead (and shout "hello?!" at least three times).

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