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You know we're obsessed with finding out-of-the-ordinary ways to utilize everyday materials. Today: Cork!

Whether you polish off a bottle of wine a week, a month or a year, you'll still left with any number of corks that you have no idea what to do with. But who knew you could be saving those babies up for a bathmat, a wreath or any number of creative ideas we found?

Cork Use #1: Bath Mat
We found this creative bath mat on It's composed of corks that were sliced lengthwise. Check out the step-by-step to construct one for your bathroom.

Cork Use #2: Lamp
Cork can be at your bedside with this unusual use. Design*Sponge posts the complete instructions for making a cork lamp. We love how you can just post your after-hours thoughts on your lamp, alongside inspirational photos.

Cork Use #3: Trivets
Keep this DIY in mind for when you need a housewarming gift! The blog Lovely Indeed! posts the easy how-to for this trivet. We like this idea as cork coasters too!

uses for corkElaine with Grey Cats, Flickr

Cork Use #4: Stamps
Carve shapes and symbols on the flat end of a cork for homemade stampers!

And even more uses for corks....

-Pin Cushion: You'll never have to search for your pin cushion when you can just grab a cork and use one to secure pins and needles while sewing.

-Furniture Covering: ReadyMade posted a DIY filing cabinet makeover. Instead of living with the vile green, the reader used piece of cork to cover the cabinet. Genius!

-Wreaths: We've seen a number of wreaths constructed of corks. And don't forget that you can dye the corks colors for holiday decor!

-Place Card Holder: If you score the cork -- creating a narrow slit -- you can rest a place card in the cork. This is a cute way to decorate a dinner party...especially one with plenty of wine on hand!

We have more unusual uses too! Check out uses for phone books and egg cartons!

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    Also good (esp. if you are in a rental apartment) for putting under the legs of heavy furniture or your TV cabinet to avoid indentations in carpet or scratching a wood floor

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