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Maybe you have an old set of mismatched silverware or maybe you're just feeling crafty. Either way, have we got projects for you...

Silverware is great on the dinner table, but we knew it had even more potential. So we went looking and found these three silverware crafts. (Okay, the last one is plastic -- but it still counts!)

Or So She Says posted this silverware-turned-windchime craft. A perfect housewarming gift for the cook who has everything. Want to give it a try? Check out the step-by-step.

Design*Sponge brightens up your foyer or mudroom with these colorful block hooks. Perfect for hanging keys or the kids' jackets. Get the step-by-step instructions to make these hooks happen in your home!

Or, try this version of silverware hooks. ReadyMade takes on the project with old spoons. We like the idea of flattening the spoons and mounting right onto the wall. Make this silverware craft by following these instructions. No spare spoons? No problem! Let a flea market be your craft store.

And here's the plastic silverware craft -- another from ReadyMade. How can you not love this nifty idea? This craftster saw a candle holder in those extra party forks and spoons. And now -- we do too!

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  • Russ

    Another reason; they are memories of a beloved.........................................................

  • Martha

    You are so right. Families like to give and receive family heirlooms.

  • Rob

    Looks like a stretch to find these uses for old silverware. Donate it to charity maybe. This looks like "cheap crap" to me. And seriously -- plastic spoons as a candle holder? Did you ever think that maybe they could melt and START A FIRE? DUMB!!!

  • colleen

    Umm.....those look like a pretty good reason to toss out old silverware to me.

  • SammysMom25

    It just looks like ugly junk to me. Do you think they put this stuff out there just to see who will fall for it.

  • spencer

    throw it out?silver at forty dollars you can send to me i will pay for shipping

  • Scott

    Silver is precious metal, it is worth so much per troy ounce, you can cash it in for money. Don't throw away your real silver, look on the back of it and see if it says that it is sterling or stanless steal. Silver is what our curency was based on remember the one dollar bill used to be call a silver cirtificate, that meant that one dollar could be cashed in at any bank for it worth in silver. So, don't be giving away your old silverware it could be worth alot of money, even copper is now about $3 something a pound so save your copper wire too.

  • aaron


  • Jennifer

    Geeeeeesh, at least make some beautiful jewelry out of the old silverware. What you displayed looked like junk yard trash. Give me a break.

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