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There are some jobs around the house that you can get away with outsourcing. But these five should be all you.

manly thingsNo, changing a shower head isn't one of the things. But we love Carter Oosterhouse's confident attitude while doing it! Photo: Ketchum.

We don't mean to enforce stereotypes here: We believe that "manly things" can and should be tackled by both men and women. So read up, friends. If you already know how to do these, why not email this article to someone who could take the hint? (Or, check out ShelterPop for how to take your spouse from husband to handyman!)

For this, we checked with Carter Oosterhouse, the very manly carpenter from the HGTV series Carter Can.
Manly Thing #1: Know Where the Breaker Box is
Once you've located it, learn what to do when the power goes out, says Oosterhouse. Squealing is not the answer.
Manly Thing #2: Put a Ceiling Fan Where a Light Fixture Used to Be
"I think everybody -- guys and girls -- should know how to do that," he says. "When you get into electrical stuff, people think that it's tough, but it's really not." A ceiling fan can add value to your home and help save on your air conditioning costs in the summer.
Manly Thing #3: Install Crown Molding
"We always talk about how paint is and inexpensive way to transform a room and anybody can do it" he says. "I feel that way about crown molding too. It's not difficult to put up and it makes a room look 20 times bigger." Plus, a carpenter will charge you double the price you could do it for yourself.
Manly Thing #4: Use a Snake to Unclog a Drain
If you think this is referring to a live animal, you have a long way to go.

Manly Thing #5: Change a Sprinkler Head
"Sprinkler heads can get clogged up over the winter time or crack if the lawnmower goes over them," he says. "This is really simple to do, but shockingly not everyone knows how to do it."
For more great home repair and do-it-yourself tips, check out Carter's latest Green It Yourself webisodes.
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