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Make a Dog Bed Out of a Nightstand

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Don't want to shell out for a dog bed? Turn an old nightstand into sleeping quarters for your sweet pet.

make a dog bedSweet Lucy in her new bed. Photo: Ramshackle Glam.

I inherited a bunch of my grandmother's old furniture, but over the years (and several moves) I've ended up giving away or selling most of it. At this point, all I have left is a floral chair that I'm planning on recovering and a clunky side table that I've never found particularly useful (it has no shelves inside, so isn't really good for storing the kinds of small things you keep in bedside tables...and I don't have space for it anywhere else).

I've been planning on replacing it with something a little more practical...but then the other day I saw this post on transforming an old side table into a cozy dog bed, and knew I had my next project all lined up.

The prep work just involves removing the door and any inner latches, and cleaning the piece really, really well.

After that, all I did was apply three coats of Rust-oleum flat white indoor/outdoor paint.

Head over to Ramshackle Glam to get my top six furniture painting tips. And click here for more info on rehabbing furniture, and here for info on how to stain wood (if that's your preferred look).


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