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Cheap Date Ideas: Try DIYing

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Yes, dinner and a movie is fun. But if you're looking to impress a true DIY-er, try one of these crafty date ideas.

cheap date ideasCrafty dates: Popular then, popular now. Photo: Rosseforp, Age Fotostock

Whether you're trying to plan a super original first date or just hoping to remind your partner of how creative you are, a craft-oriented date is the perfect solution. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it will get you both out of your comfort zone (and the monotony of coffees/drinks/desserts) and bring you closer.

We found the best crafty dates on HowAboutWe, a dating site that lets users fill in the dots of "How About We..." to take you offline ASAP. And according to the site's co-founder Brian Schechter, the benefits of DIY dates go beyond a fun night. "If you're go on a crafty date, you know the guy (or girl) you're going out with is also into the same things you are, so there's a good chance you'll have fun together and want to go out again," Schechter tells us. "And even if they're not the person you're looking for, you at least made something cool together, so you come out on top anyway." One more perk? "Besides, crafty, work-with-your-hands people are way cool. And super clever. They're fun to go on dates with."

That's all we need to hear. Check out some of the best ideas we found from HowAboutWe's users.

Outdoor Cheap Date Ideas

cheap date ideas

Forget bringing flowers to a date -- these activities take are way more hands on. From "guerilla gardening" in the park to building a home for the less fortunate, we're all about these get-outside-NOW dates.

Artsy Cheap Date Ideas

cheap date ideas

Some of these require skill (public sketching), some require courage (trying to sell your just-made artwork to strangers). But all are worth it for the story.

Silly Cheap Date Ideas

cheap date ideas

In addition to being creative and crafty, these ideas are among the most hilarious -- and yes, the ones we'd most want to recreate. Question is, what to do first: Bedazzle thrift shop clothes or make origami cranes?

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