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There are so many ways to go green for Earth Day. But that includes a lot of things that eco-skeptics can whine about. In our new series, we ask experts to weigh in on the most annoying, hotly debated eco-tasks. This week: Separating different papers before recycling.

We'll admit -- at times, we're lazy enough to be bothered by separating glass from plastic from paper. So when it comes to taking it a step further band separating newspaper from wrapping paper from printer sounds hugely overwhelming. Do we need a filing cabinet just for recycling?

We turned to Michelle Drenckhahn from Spacial Adaption and asked: Do I REALLY have to do this?

Michelle Drenckhahn: It depends. I recommend checking with your local recycling pick-up company. Each city/county will have different rules depending on the facilities they own or access.

DIY Life: Are there any general rules for paper recycling?

MIchelle Drenckhahn: Well, my city, for example, uses a private service which only requires two bins, one for all papers and cardboards and one for all glass and plastics. They have high-tech machines that do the separating at their facility. They even send us a spreadsheet to remind us of how and what we can recycle.

DIY Life: What about in the office?

Michelle Drenckhahn: As a general rule, household paper trash is together. Offices, on the other hand, may require more strict rules due to the volume.

Thanks, Michelle! Looks like this is one step we may have the luxury of skipping.
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