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If you, like our writer despise your glass-fronted kitchen cabinets but aren't ready to bring in new doors, here's a few ways to give them a new look.

We didn't agonize over cabinet choices. We loved the house, and I never gave the kitchen cupboards much thought - until I moved in that is. Photo: Getty

I'm just going to come right out and say it: My glass front kitchen cabinets are just plain stupid. Seriously. This isn't a china cabinet or a living room display case, this is a kitchen cabinet, and in my kitchen I need function.

I know that in theory, the glass makes a small kitchen feel larger. But the result in my home is the opposite: It looks crammed, messy and pretty much the opposite of spacious.

But maybe it's just me: I've seen glass front cabinets work in some homes. If you have an abundance of cupboard space, go ahead -- display a few pottery dishes, decorative plates or wine glasses. When we first moved in, I had my best dishes in the display cupboard. But as our need for functional space expanded, my growing collection of mix-matched dishes migrated into that glass front cupboard for everyone to see. Now, there's a teetering stack of bowls, cups of every size, tacky coffee mugs and various dinner plates in there. Does it sound attractive? It is not.

And say you're a better person than me and your matchy-matchy dishes are always display-ready. Even if you manage to keep the inside of your cupboard clean, the outside will still be plagued with finger prints and will serious dust. Hardly appealing.

For now, I'm stuck with my glass front cabinets. And if you're in the same boat, join me in trying out these makeover ideas to make them easier to live with.


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Here are a few simple ways to convert the see-through front and achieve a bit more privacy:

Glass Cabinet Rescue #1: Apply a Stained Glass Applique
This solution couldn't be more simple. Stained glass appliques are available at most hardware stores and come in a huge variety of colors and patterns -- including a frosted glass look, if you're into that. Buy a standard size or trim it to fit, stick it on and you're done.

Glass Cabinet Rescue #2: Paint a Functional Finish
If you're feeling a little funky, try chalkboard or whiteboard paint and use your cupboard front as a message board. Just make sure to include a cute message in there every once in awhile along with the standard "Buy milk!"

Glass Cabinet Rescue #3: Cover it With Fabric or Wallpaper
This is an interesting choice because it lets you change your kitchen's look with the seasons (or your mood!). Simply tape the fabric or wallpaper to the inside of the glass cupboard door and play with new color and pattern themes.

Are you in a small space with glass cupboards doors? How do you manage?

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