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DIYing This Weekend? Be Careful!

Easter weekend is peak time for getting started on spring maintenance. And according to a new study, getting hurt in the process. Here's how to stay safe this holiday.

safe-diyCareful, guys! Photos: Getty

Who knew that Easter could be scarier than Halloween? A new study from Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals shows that there have been 16% more patients admitted during the holiday weekend than any other day.

Why? Well, it's easy to see. People are home with their families, the weather's improving -- isn't it the perfect time to stretch your legs and say "Why yes I will go on the roof and try and patch up that mysterious leak!"

If you're one of the many that will be taking the plunge this weekend, listen up: Aside from all the other reasons to stay safe, you'll really want to pay extra attention. Who wants to end up in a crowded emergency room? Instead...

Practice DIY safety by: Always double-checking that appliances are OFF when you plug them in.
Otherwise, your machine -- like one writer's drum sander -- might take off across the room (and maybe head after you, if you're especially unlucky!)

Practice DIY safety by: Keeping the right gear on hand.
Safety glasses? Check. Work gloves? Check. Dust mask, face shield, helmet, sound muffs? If you don't have them, get them! If you need to stock up, get the full equipment 101 first.

Practice DIY safety by: Never disable safety devices.
Yes, we can hear you. "I don't need the blade guard, I've done this a million times!" Don't. Just don't. When operating a table saw or any other extremely sharp tools, please take the extra few seconds to work within the safety constraints.

Practice DIY safety by: Having a plan.
Not just "Run!!". Only two-thirds of American households have a fire escape plan and while we're not implying that you're going to set your house on fire this weekend, it wouldn't hurt to be prepared just in case...someone else sets your house on fire.

Practice DIY safety by: Brushing up on ladder safety.
Don't just hop on -- remember to place it carefully so that if you do fall, it won't be backyards onto a staircase. And for goodness sakes, wear the right shoes and check the locks.

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