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This Mother's Day, show your mom some love by turning a forgotten photo into an eye-catching piece of art.

mothers day craftsThere's our photo editor Jolie her mother's stomach! Photo: Jolie Novak

Every family has their preferred way to display beautiful heirloom photos. But even the most arresting vintage images can be easily overlooked when displayed in the obvious choice for black & white snapshots: A simple black frame with white matting. Elegant, yes. But a little too predictable.

So why not give it a thoroughly modern spin by pairing the photo with not one but two bright, bold prints? And is there a more perfect holiday to celebrate vintage snaps of the ones we love than Mother's Day?

Photo Editor Jolie Novak had this amazing photo of her mom, Leslie, pregnant with her and kindly volunteered it for our project. Want to recreate it at home with a shot of your own mom? Read on...,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=998040&pid=998039&uts=1304029448

Bring Black & White Photos to Life

Gather your materials:

-Plain frame

-Two different patterns of wallpaper/wrapping paper

-The photo you're going to spotlight


-Blade or paper cutter

-Cardboard, or any surface you can safely cut on.

Bring Black & White Photos to Life

Cut the first piece of decorative paper to the size of the frame's backing using the blade. Then move to the next sheet of paper. This one should be cut smaller by about 2/3 -- though the actual sizing is up to you.

Bring Black & White Photos to Life

If you've printed out the black & white photo like we did here, cut it out completely so that there's no border.

Bring Black & White Photos to Life

Tape the first piece of paper right onto the frame's backing.

Bring Black & White Photos to Life

Once the entire backing is covered, bring the next, smaller, piece of paper. Try to get it as close to the middle as possible. Then do the same with the photo.

Bring Black & White Photos to Life

Tada! Here's Jolie with her mother's day present all ready to go.

Bring Black & White Photos to Life

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