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Paint Chips Turned Wall Art

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Decided on a color and left with a pile of those tiny paint chips? Display them on your newly painted walls!

Maybe you just painted your walls and have a stack of reject paint colors from the job. Or maybe you're the kind of obsessed that makes you pocket a few paint chips every time you saunter into a hardware store.

Either way, your extra chips can make for some pretty fantastic art. Check it out:

Yes, yes, this one will make your guests gasp "How on earth do you have so much free time?" But the truth is, they're just jealous. REALLY jealous. Because not only is your artwork cool and original, it's free! Get the full details at Apartment Therapy.

Over on Curbly, they've discovered a fun project that takes those chips to a new high. Love the graphic feel. Get those scissors ready! Get the full step-by-step on Angelina La Dawn.

And then on the terrific The 3 R's Blog, there's instructions to credit this beautiful piece. Doesn't it look like something you'd snatch up at a boutique?

Tired of tiny paint chips? Check out the World's Largest Paint Swatch- 68ft!

  • Phil

    They are NOT paint chips!

  • White Rabbit

    Phil, I have the feeling that everyone with a semi-intact brain knows this. Obviously this does not apply to the f'ing moron(s) writing this piece.

    These are COLOR SAMPLES, you imbeciles, not paint chips. Paint chips are the result of using a sharpened object to uncover the old layersof paint that were previously used on the walls, furniture, etc.

    Does someone really need to explain this? How the hell do these clueless "writers" get hired in the first place, in this sad state of unemployment? Unbelievable and pathetic. I hate this level of stupidity.

  • Amon Amarthtastic!

    Hey Beavis and Butthead... check this out ...

    Maybe you don't call it that in your neck of the woods, but some of us do. There's no reason to get chippy and turn this into a Pop vs. Soda argument.

    I did something like the top picture, and it turned out awesome. Here's a tip...convert the picture of what you want to do all chippy in photoshop to a gif, and then play with the pixel size so it gets nice and pixellated. That way you can have a nice guide.

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