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A panel of pegboard can lift up the clutter that's been taking over workspace, thanks to easy add-ons like hooks and shelves. And did we mention that it's ultra-cheap when compared to pricey wall organizing systems?

pegboard wallLajos Geenen, Readymade

Crafty entrepreneur Diana Rupp hung up a huge piece of pegboard behind her workshop's learning stations, so students have everything they need right at hand. Makes you just want to play with those spools of thread, doesn't it? One thing I'll warn you about: A pegboard panel has to be raised away from the wall a little bit, in order to accomodate things like pegboard hooks. Most people build a rail or framework made from wood strips to accomplish this, but I've had success with attaching unused kitchen sponges at the corners of the pegboard backing using hot glue instead. (Of course, this was for a way smaller pegboard than Diana's!) Get the full how-to over at the fabulous ReadyMade.

pegboardsassyradish, Flickr

Julia Child famously organized her kitchen tools on a pegboard wall, but this DIYer took a more compact approach. I loved the notice-me shade of orange that was used, too. If you decide to paint the pegboard, I'd suggest spray paint. You won't have to worry about paint clogging the perforations the way a brush-on latex can often do.

pegboardadamknits, Flickr

Instead of a knitting bag (where yarns end up getting tangled into each other), hang the skeins on pegboard hooks. Just looking at all the different yarns is inspiring and keeps your stash at a manageable size.

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  • Thomas

    I would think that red is too bold. It drawes your eyes to the old skillet ( better hide)' I think a softer color would be in order. A good idea overall but condition of the utensils is a must. All brite bottom mix copper bottom, unstained would be best. Just a thought.

  • pam

    Get a grip Thomas, to each his own. Just a thought!

  • bellboy8

    The information regarding fold up peg borad is laxing! By the picture I don't see how it could fold. Maybe the auther could break down and submit more pics.

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