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ReadyMade magazine recently crowned the top 100 DIY projects as submitted by their readers. Here are our favorites from the list.

Patricia Heal, ReadyMade

I love any DIY project involving re-upholstery. I mean, how many times have you passed up a thrift store find that had a good shape, but ugly fabric? (Too many for me to count, at least.) This project by Shelly Lear actually starts with an electrical spool, so it's a good starting point for learning the mechanics of upholstering. Here's the step-by-step.

Patricia Heal, ReadyMade

Need more storage space for the random stuff in your kitchen? Try these hanging bins made from repurposed loaf tins. Dedicate each for a different grab-and-go item, like utensils. Here's the how-to.

This was my absolute favorite of all the DIY projects. Here, old cans destined for the recycling bin are joined together to create sculptural open-storage. It would work wonderfully on a wall. And how great would it be with a coat of glossy spray paint? Here's the how-to.

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  • Tammy T

    Is that scottie dog from Anstamn kennels???? He is gorgeous!!

  • Ann Eggleston

    Sure would hate too dust that stack of cans! It would even be worse in the kitchen where it will collect dust and grease!

  • kathielee

    The spray-painted cans looked cool, but the produce will probably spoil if it doesn't get refrigerated. I could see it for nonpershables, pens, hair stuff, etc.

  • D

    Well... at least they didnt cover them with Contact paper and put pens in them and call that "new"
    You COULD bundle some cans together with string or twine etc. and put a plate on top, for varying heights on a buffet table...I would cover the cans with fabric.

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