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Random Recast - New Uses for Aluminum Foil Day 2

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Welcome to the very first edition of Random Recast! Each week, Random Recast will feature a new-use-a-day for a common household item. Got any ideas you'd like to share? Leave a comment!

Yesterday, we learned how to use aluminum foil to remove rust from chrome. Today, we're going for a less nitty-gritty use: Making our own "steamer" for delicate fabrics.

Confession: I'm into vintage clothes in a big way. (I seriously just spent under $200 for about seven vintage dresses last week at Brimfield, the huge antiques fair in Massachusetts.) This means that my clothes tend to be made from more delicate materials, like rayon, silks and the like. Beautiful, yes. But easy to care for, no.

To save on dry cleaning costs, I've taken to making my own fabric steamer to refresh clothes between wearings. And as you can guess, the steamer involves using our Random Recast of the week. To create the makeshift steamer, just top your ironing board with a layer of aluminum foil. Then, place your garment on top of the foil and smooth with your iron while holding down the steam button. (For really delicate items, hold the iron just above the garment.) The aluminum foil will reflect the heat back into the garment, easing out wrinkles gently.

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