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Random Recast - New Uses for Aluminum Foil Day 3

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Welcome to the very first edition of Random Recast! Each week, Random Recast will feature a new-use-a-day for a common household item. Got any ideas you'd like to share? Leave a comment!

Yesterday, we learned how to make our own steamer using aluminum foil to bring clothes made from delicate fabrics back to life. Today, we're going to get a little craftier by using the kitchen staple to sharpen paper punches.

aluminum-foilPhoto: Cindy Kang

While punching about a hundred stars into card stock invitations, I noticed around the fiftieth punch that it took more and more effort to punch through the paper. By one hundred, my arm was sore. I thought I had a defective paper punch, but it turns out it just needed to be sharpened. Cindy Kang, event designer and the blogger behind Just The Little Things, uses aluminum foil (layered on top of a sheet of parchment paper) to do the job. The aluminum foil sharpens the punch, while the paper waxes it so that cutting through heavy paper is a breeze.

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