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Random Recast - New Uses for Aluminum Foil Round-Up

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Welcome to the very first edition of Random Recast! Each week, Random Recast will feature a new-use-a-day for a common household item. Got any ideas you'd like to share? Leave a comment!

Today is our last installment of the aluminum foil edition of Random Recast...and I've saved my favorite use for last! This time we're going to be using foil to "repair" a mirror that has been desilvered in spots. It's not a permanent fix, but a convenient one.

Whether its from age or humidity, weird spots can detract from the beauty of a mirror. When you spot a few on your favorite looking glass, reach for aluminum foil. Just tape it to the back of the frame (not on the mirror itself) with the shiny side facing out. It'll "fill in" flaws and reflect light similarly to the mirror finish.

Missed the other Random Recast posts? Here's a little catch-up for you...

Day #4: Embossed Card Embellishment
Forget shelling out for specialty metallic papers to use in your scrapbooking or card making projects. Aluminum foil can be embossed and tinted, making it very versatile for crafting.

Day #3: Paper Punch Sharpener
If your specialty paper punch requires a bit too much effort to use, the die might just be a little dull. Sharpen it by punching through aluminum foil and parchment paper.

Day #2: Bring Delicate Fabrics Back to Life
For materials that can't take too much heat, make your own "steamer" by topping your ironing board with aluminum foil. Then, place the garment onto the foil and smooth with an iron set on the steam function.

Day #1: Remove Rust From Chrome
Noticed a few spots of rust on the chrome features of your bike or car? Simply rub over the rusty area with a ball of aluminum foil (shiny-side out) dipped in water. Once you see a few dark circles appear, clean and buff to a like-new finish.

aluminum-foilRusset Street Reno

Stay tuned for next week's Random Recast! What will it be? You'll have to wait and see...

  • JRB

    Great ideas, especially the mirror fix. Aluminum foil has many good uses, but wrapping food in it is not one. Remember that aluminum is a heavy metal, which can be toxic to the human body. When you heat food in foil, the metal can leach into it. Have your ever covered a dish with foil and later noticed holes where it has disintegrated? It is a well-documented fact that autopsies on Alzheimers victims have revealed large quantities of aluminum in their brains. Children with disabilities such as autism also tend to have high levels of aluminum and other metals in their bodies (this I know from experience.) Also, plastic bottles contain aluminum. So, keep their use to crafts and projects, not consumption. I know this is not relevant to the article, but wanted to pass on some good information.

  • nasknit

    My husband showed me this one. Have a roll of Aluminum foil in the trunk. If you have car problems, tear off a long sheet, partially wrinkle it up, then straighten out again, place upper edge in trunk opening, close trunk, leaving majority of foil hanging out- VOILA, the best reflective "someone is here notice" I've ever seen.

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