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If you plan on renovating this summer, there's new reason to rethink window placement: Research has shown that daylighting (an official-sounding term that refers to maximizing the natural light in a space) can make a room feel more inviting and you more productive. Also, it looks great. See for yourself with these amazing projects by the masters of daylighting, KSS Architects.

daylightingKSS Architects; Taylor Photo

Let me ask you: Which space is more appealing to you, the left or the right? If you answered "the right" (I'm guessing 100% of you did), you just learned the core principle of daylighting: Maximizing the light through windows and details. KSS Architects completely transformed West Chester University's 25 University Place building by opening up the ceiling and adding a high row of windows. But while daylighting might be associated with windows, a neutral color palette and unobtrusive lighting are also ways to boost the bright factor.

Your takeaway: Blonde wood accents, neutral flooring and discrete overhead lighting (check out the bent-arm lamps) can be just as effective as adding windows.

daylightingKSS Architects; Taylor Photo

This project really sold me on the power of daylighting. Here is the dramatic before and after of the basketball court at New Jersey City University's University Academy Charter School, another KSS project. The building had a nice big window, but obviously little charm (an understatement). KSS kept the brickwork but did something that I thought was interesting: Instead of repainting the walls white for a uniform look, they chose to strip the paint to reveal the natural hue of the brick.

Your takeaway: While white paint tends to make a space feel larger, sometimes it's best to expose the original finish of a high-quality material.

daylightingKSS Architects; Doug Snower Photographer

At Lawrence University's Warch Campus Center, KSS added Mondrian-esque windows and filled the space with brushed metal accents (which gently reflect light without scattering intense beams of sun all over the place). Like the 25 University Place project, neutral wood elements punctuate the room. To make the juxtaposition less jarring, stone tiles in both browns and grays were installed on the floor.

Your takeaway: Brushed nickel accents give you the gleam of metal without the upkeep (no worries about smudges). To integrate it into a space that has a lot of wood, opt for a natural stone tile that has bits of both hues.

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    Notice that this new concept in lighting in the work place even allows for the guy on the far right in photo # 2 be allowed to wear shorts and flipflops in the work place.

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