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Random Recast: Grocery Bags Day 3

Filed Under: Crafts, Storage & Organization, Know-How

In Random Recast, we find new ways to use ordinary things. This week: Plastic grocery bags.


Grocery bags can be sewn into bags and folded into flowers, but did you ever think you could make a bowl out of the plastic sacks? Sarah and Liane of Supercyclers discovered that it's possible to create water-tight bowls, cups and planters by gently heating grocery bags over objects. To do so, you'll need a heat gun, which is pretty easy to find at your local hardware store.

The ladies just have a word of caution before you get started: "There is a degree of plastic bag fumage, the worst lowest possible grade on the petrochemical chain, but you should never see actual smoke as you work. Wear a good quality respiratory face mask at all times and even [safety] glasses."

Gloves are also recommended, as you'll be able to really mold the grocery bags around the bowl or cup without worry. For complete instructions, visit the Supercyclers blog.

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