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The June issue of mag crush Country Living has a ton of ideas perfect for your Memorial Day celebration. Get a head start on the celebrating by crafting along with us as we go through our favorites.

Today's idea: How to make a pinata that looks like a beehive.

make-a-pinataRay Kacharorian, Country Living

Kids (OK, and adults) love pinatas, but it just feels silly to spend $15 on something that you're just going to bash open. In the time it takes to look up your local party store, travel there, try to decide between the cartoon character choices and go home, you can make a pinata that looks like an adorable beehive. All you have to do is dip strips of newspaper in a mix of school glue and water, then wrap them around an inflated balloon. (If you have kids, they'll be thrilled to pitch in during these messy steps.) After the strips dry, pop the balloon and glue on crepe paper streamers to create a beehive look.

To make the adorable bees, wrap a yellow pom-pom with a black pipe cleaner and attach wings made from vellum or scrapbook paper. Full directions for the pinata and the bees can be found at Country Living.

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To see how to make a pinata, watch this video...


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