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Quick Refresher: How to Clean a Grill

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If you haven't opened your BBQ since last summer, make sure it's in good shape before busting out the burgers tomorrow. Here's a quick refresher on how to clean a grill (and repair any small snafus).

clean-a-grillThe Rocketeer, flickr

To clean a grill in the most fuss-free possible, fire up the...oven. The metal cooking grates from your grill can benefit from your oven's self-cleaning cycle. Just lightly brush off any surface dirt from the grates (I like to use aluminum foil wadded up into a ball) and place on top of your oven's racks. Then, turn your oven to self-clean. You'll walk away with clean grill grates (and a clean oven, too).

When you fire up the grill for the first time in months, sometimes stray dirt is the least of your problems. From yellow flames to none at all, check out how to diagnose and treat common grill problems.

Want to see how a pro cleans a gas grill? Check out...


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