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How to Make a Pillow Inspired by Scrabble

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Scrabble-inspired pillows have become a hot Etsy trend and an even hotter gift idea. But if you're too impatient to wait for the online ordering process, these throws are a cinch to DIY. Designer Loren Lankford reveals how to make a pillow inspired by the classic game.

how-to-make-a-pillowLoren Lankford

The process for making your own set of Scrabble-inspired pillows is a relatively straightforward one. For each pillow, you start by cutting two squares of fabric that measure the same size, which you'll then sew together (right sides facing), leaving one end open to create a pillow body. Turn the pillow body right-side out.

Next, Loren printed out a large letter for each pillow, using Microsoft Word. Since her pillow body was 16"-square, she chose a 600 pt font. These letters will serve as templates, to trace on to a sheet of Heat 'n Bond (a no-sew fabric adhesive) and a piece of felt. You'll then sandwich the Heat 'n Bond between the pillow body and felt letter, ironing into place.

The detail that makes these pillows Scrabble-inspired is the little point notation in the corner. If you don't have your trusty Scrabble set nearby, you can use this cheat sheet from Wikipedia. Loren looks up the score, then attaches corresponding numerical felt stickers with fabric glue to each pillow. To finish, stuff the pillow body and stitch the open end closed. For the full tutorial, visit iVillage.

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