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Let's Make: A Picnic Suitcase

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Picnic baskets are cute, but there's never really enough room to hold everything you need. This fab idea from ReadyMade solves the problem with style to spare.

picnicSibylle Roessler

Fun fact: I keep a picnic tote filled with a blanket, unbreakable plates and utensils in the back of my car during the warmer months of the year. While it does keep me prepared in the event of an impromptu picnic, it's not the most organized way to pack. (I've lost many utensils.) And there's not enough room to pack food. A picnic isn't fun when you have to haul multiple bags of stuff.

Instead, I'm thinking of trying this DIY picnic suitcase spotted on ReadyMade's. To make it, you simply paint an old suitcase, re-line it with a cheery fabric (sealed with ModPodge) and then add elastic straps. Though you can use any hinged storage box, a suitcase will give you a generous "tabletop." I'd probably make one change, though: I'd skip the step of sealing cotton fabric with ModPodge and just start out with oilcloth, which is already sealed for easy cleaning. To see the full how-to, visit ReadyMade.

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